Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Judge Phyllis Hamilton - Part II

After reading USANow's summary of recent judgements made by Judge Phyllis Hamilton, Federal Judge in the Northern California District, one would understandably question her qualifications. On the surface, her actions are politically motivated and run contrary the concept of a fair and unbiased judiciary. So let's dig a little deeper. Is Hamilton a "one trick pony" in this regard, driven soley by a passion to enable the murder of the unborn? Or is she consistently irrational and counter-cultural?

IN late 2003, Hamilton issued a 22 page ruling which upheld the rights of the Byron Union (Public) School District to force students to practice Islam for a 3 week period. Excelsior Elementary School in Byron California offered the course as part of the state of Californias World History and Geography curriculum. Although the course is mandatory, the method of teaching is not. So Brooke Carlin, 7th grade teacher at Excelsior, required students to adopt Islamic names, to recite prayers in class, memorize verses from the Quran, and had them simulate Ramadan. Students were encouraged to adopt phrases such as "Allah Akbar" (God is Great in Arabic), and were required to fast during lunch as part of the Ramadan simulation.

A rational and competent judge would obviously rule in favor of the plaintiffs (in this case, Christian students and their parents). After all, California judges have already issued rulings to strike "under God" from the Pledge of Allegience. Unfortunately, neither "rational" nor "competent" seem to fit Hamilton, as she dismissed the lawsuit.

Conservatives can rest easty, however, knowing that the great attacker of all religious activity, the ACLU, will come to the aid of the plaintiffs. Formal religion + public schools = ACLU lawsuit. In what may come as no surprise, the ACLU is silent. They're not opposed to forcing Islam down student's throats. According to the Anti-Christian Legislative Union, reciting "Allah Akbar" is OK - just don't ever, and I mean EVER say "Thank you Jesus" in a public school.

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