Friday, April 28, 2006

Nuestro Himno

It's been widely reported that a new Spanish language National Anthem is in the works. I'm just wondering which nation this anthem will honor....Mexico? Honduras?

Anyway, the song itself doesn't seem too problematic to me assuming the lyrics are translated accurately, and the song retains it's original purpose: to honor the United States flag and everything else for which it stands.

Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case. Hip hop record producer Adam Kidron is behind this new rendition, and it's clear the objective is to politicize the US immigration debate as opposed to honor Old Glory.

First of all, Kidron is urging Hispanic radio stations to play the song at 7 pm on Monday, May 1. That is the day Hispanics hope to "shut down" major US cities by walking out on their jobs and demonstrating in the streets. Apparently they're also going to refrain from purchasing anything from evil American gringos. Quite constructive, indeed. So Kidron is jumping on the bandwagon, perhaps hoping his production will be the anthem for Hispanics seeking change in American immigration laws.

That's just what we need - a "national" anthem that caters to just one ethnic group. So much for the melting pot. But if you need any further proof that the aim of this song is political, check out the lyrics from the remix:
  • "These kids have no parents, cause all of these mean laws ... let's not start a war with all these hard workers, they can't help where they were born."

    There you have it - open borders propaganda with poor language and rhetoric meant to stir the masses. Who would have thought that the United States, with a 200 year history of welcoming immigrants from all nations, would have our immigration laws labeled "mean". Would be interesting if these fools got their way and 50,000,000 million Chinese came to the states and took all of their jobs. Still think they'd be open borders proponents? Me neither.

    Story here.
  • Saturday, April 22, 2006

    Life is Good, Thanks be to God

    No politics today. Only a few moments to comment on life's blessings. It's a beautiful morning in Houston. The Honeysuckle is in bloom, and their fragrance is permeating the entire back yard. There must be 10,000 blooms surrounding the 40 foot telephone pool. One Hibiscus bush has 15 blooms, and my Gardenias are just beginning to bloom.

    I've got the waterfall turned on in my new pool, and my two youngest boys are having a blast in the pool. Our dog Astro is still fighting the streams of water falling over the hot tub into the pool. Poor fool doesn't understand it's a battle he'll never win, until I turn the pumps off, that is.

    And I've even managed to turn some bad news into good. My oldest son and daughter, who are both in big-time trouble for grades, have been put to work cleaning out the garage. So I'm left here to enjoy some good Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee on my back patio, and just soak in the morning.

    Of course, these are all small blessings in the big picture. We all live in the greatest nation on earth, and our nation's promises of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness seem secure for generations to come. High gas prices, illegal immigration issue, and the war in Iraq are just a few more challenges which are sure to be overcome by our great nation. God bless America.

    Tuesday, April 18, 2006

    A Day Without a Gringo

    Proponents of illegal alien rights are planning a boycott for May 1. They hope to shut down the Los Angeles airport and the port of Los Angeles. Michelle Malkin's blog today offered some insight into the rallying cries of the boycott, and it should be no surprise that these groups are the recipients of organizational emails:

    So you have a bunch of anarchists, anti-law enforcement types, and socialists rallying together. This should be good. Even Mexican citizens are calling for a boycott of all things "gringo".

    It seems organizers want to live the premise of the movie "A day without a Mexican", which attempts to show what would happen to the USA if one day we woke up and no more Mexicans were living in our midst. Turning the tables for a moment, let's consider what it would be like for Mexicans if they woke up one day and there were no more Americans.

    A Day Without a Gringo
  • Most of the 12,000,000 hispanics living in the US illegally would be unemployed and would likely head back to Mexico seeking federal aid.
  • Mexico would miss out on $20,000,000,000 in cash every year from the newly unemployed workers, triggering a huge recession.
  • The price of oil would plummet, further damaging Mexico's economy.
  • There would be no market for 90% of the goods currently exported by Mexico. Mexican fishermen, farmers, and employees of firms like CEMEX would find themselves unemployed overnight.
  • Over $50,000,000,000 would disappear from the Mexican stock market, triggering a market crash.
  • The poverty rate, currently at 40% in Mexico, would likely hit 60% or 70%.
  • Over half of all US doctors and roughly 80% of teachers would be gone.
  • Say adios to future technical advances from IBM, Apple, Intel, and Microsoft. Hasta la vista to medical advances from Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, and Merck.
  • Mexican youths living in the US would have nobody to kick around in soccer.
  • Wall Street, State Street, and pretty much all of corporate America would shut down.
  • You think corruption is bad in Mexico today? Take away the USA and you'll find out what real anarchy is all about.

    In sum, it might be prudent for Mexicans (and all Hispanics for that matter) to step back and consider for a moment what a jewel the United States of America is. We employ, teach, and cure millions of Hispanics who otherwise would have no such opportunity in their home countries. To top it off, the wealthy classes in Mexico and Central America prosper because the USA buys their goods and services by the billions. Rather than economic extortion, how about a simple "Thank You"?
  • Tuesday, April 11, 2006

    Racism - ACORN Style

    Yesterday thousands of Hispanics demonstrated in Houston. The demonstrations were peaceful, and for the most part productive save for the call for a worker strike beginning May 1 by Teodoro Aguiluz

    But at the rally, Toni McElroy somehow managed a place at the microphone. McElroy is president of Texas ACORN, which is an organization working for social justice for low and moderate income families. McElroy, who is black, said to the crowd: "We as black and brown have more in common than the oppressors would have us believe. Traditionally, the Man has played one community against the other."

    Let's step back for a moment and consider the absurdity of McElroy's comments. Over 10,000,000 people have broken laws just to get a chance to live in the USA. Many of these people are now demonstrating to help promote their cause - that is to maintain the right to live and work in this great country, and to be afforded a path towards citizenship.

    So how does demonizing white people serve to further the cause of immigrants? And does McElroy really believe that thousands of hard working Hispanics will buy for a moment that white people are "oppressors"?

    Hispanic immigrants are desperately seeking the American Dream, while the likes of Tonyi McElroy are desperately trying to sell an image of an American Nightmare. Adios Toni, I don't think anybody's buying your story of racism and oppression.

    Here's the story from the Houston Chronicle.

    Wednesday, April 05, 2006

    American Flag Cause for Suspension in Colorado

    As a result of tensions at a Colorado middle school related to the ongoing immigration reform debate, the incompetent administration at Shaw Heights Middle School has put a ban on all patriotic clothing!

    Let's examine the facts:
    • The USA is such a great nation, and Mexico is so limited in economic opportunities, that millions of Mexicans break laws to move here.
    • These lawbreakers are now demonstrating in the USA about the "greatness" of Mexico and the unfairness of United States immigration laws.
    • Fearing a controversy, bureaucrats in the USA muzzle American youth?

    What is wrong with this picture (besides everything)? Myla Shepherd, the principal at Shaw Heights Middle School, said she banned all patriotic clothing because she wanted to avoid confrontations. So basically she punished everybody in the process.

    Let's follow Shepherd "logic" to solve other problems:
  • To prevent deaths by drunk drivers, sober people can no longer drive after dark.
  • To eliminate inequities caused by tax invaders, nobody will have to pay taxes.
  • To reduce arrests related to sexual assault, all sexual activity will be labeled consensual.

    Wake up, Myla! You don't solve a problem by silencing law abiding citizens! You don't remove immigration controversy by outlawing patriotism!

    Here's the story.
  • Monday, April 03, 2006

    Miriam McCreary - Arrogant Grandmother

    CNN has a story today about a grandmother who flies from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Sioux Falls, South Dakota once or twice a month. Why does this 70 year old woman make this flight so frequently? Perhaps her grandchildren live in South Dakota?

    Believe it or not, she flies into South Dakota to destroy unborn babies. Says Dr. Miriam McCreary: "I want every child that's born, to be born into a family that wants a child. I don't want children to be born into a family where they are not wanted and can't be cared for carefully. That's the tragedy."

    Wow! McCreary apparently has the ability to judge whether or not an unborn child will be "wanted" and determine whether or not a child will be cared for "carefully". I know plenty of people who weren't cared for "carefully" as children, but I'd be willing to bet they'd much prefer their lives over having been dismembered en utero by the likes of McCreary. How unfortunate that 50+ lives a month are ended by this woman, who claims to know that these exterminated lives would not have been worth living.

    Full story here.