Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Racism - ACORN Style

Yesterday thousands of Hispanics demonstrated in Houston. The demonstrations were peaceful, and for the most part productive save for the call for a worker strike beginning May 1 by Teodoro Aguiluz

But at the rally, Toni McElroy somehow managed a place at the microphone. McElroy is president of Texas ACORN, which is an organization working for social justice for low and moderate income families. McElroy, who is black, said to the crowd: "We as black and brown have more in common than the oppressors would have us believe. Traditionally, the Man has played one community against the other."

Let's step back for a moment and consider the absurdity of McElroy's comments. Over 10,000,000 people have broken laws just to get a chance to live in the USA. Many of these people are now demonstrating to help promote their cause - that is to maintain the right to live and work in this great country, and to be afforded a path towards citizenship.

So how does demonizing white people serve to further the cause of immigrants? And does McElroy really believe that thousands of hard working Hispanics will buy for a moment that white people are "oppressors"?

Hispanic immigrants are desperately seeking the American Dream, while the likes of Tonyi McElroy are desperately trying to sell an image of an American Nightmare. Adios Toni, I don't think anybody's buying your story of racism and oppression.

Here's the story from the Houston Chronicle.

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