Wednesday, April 05, 2006

American Flag Cause for Suspension in Colorado

As a result of tensions at a Colorado middle school related to the ongoing immigration reform debate, the incompetent administration at Shaw Heights Middle School has put a ban on all patriotic clothing!

Let's examine the facts:
  • The USA is such a great nation, and Mexico is so limited in economic opportunities, that millions of Mexicans break laws to move here.
  • These lawbreakers are now demonstrating in the USA about the "greatness" of Mexico and the unfairness of United States immigration laws.
  • Fearing a controversy, bureaucrats in the USA muzzle American youth?

What is wrong with this picture (besides everything)? Myla Shepherd, the principal at Shaw Heights Middle School, said she banned all patriotic clothing because she wanted to avoid confrontations. So basically she punished everybody in the process.

Let's follow Shepherd "logic" to solve other problems:
  • To prevent deaths by drunk drivers, sober people can no longer drive after dark.
  • To eliminate inequities caused by tax invaders, nobody will have to pay taxes.
  • To reduce arrests related to sexual assault, all sexual activity will be labeled consensual.

    Wake up, Myla! You don't solve a problem by silencing law abiding citizens! You don't remove immigration controversy by outlawing patriotism!

    Here's the story.
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