Thursday, September 29, 2005

Roberts Confirmation

It what came as little surprise, Judge Roberts has been confirmed as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Even less surprising was the fact that Kennedy, Kerry, Clinton, and Boxer all voted against Roberts, which quite frankly is a great sign. Of course, these 4 would have voted against somebody like Ginsburg as long as it was President Bush doing the nominating.

Looking forward, let's hope Bush remains true to his "mandate", and selects a true conservative to fill the remaining empty seat on the court. Certainly, diversity is a noble cause, and I personally don't care about the gender nor the race of the next candidate. But can anybody deny that wisdom, understanding, right judgement, courage, and knowledge should trump diversity? And while I'm on the subject of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, reverence and an awe of God's presence wouldn't hurt either.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Checking Facts

USANow previously covered, and their slight bias towards the left which came to light during the last presidential campaign. In my efforts to understand the timeline around Hurricane Katrina rescue efforts, I turned to Although the Factcheck's timeline is the most comprehensive I've seen, the text reveals their bias against Bush and his administration.

Take a quick look at their timeline. Notice three key points:

  • Factcheck seems obsessed with counting George Bush's words when he speaks, comparing the number of words dedicated to discussing Iraq vs. the number of words used to discuss Katrina. This comparison may have some relevance, but factcheck provided a wordcount comparison of a Bush speech made the day before Katrina made landfall. Do these "analysts" really think Bush should spend more time talking about an offshore storm than the new Iraqi constitution?
  • At approximately 11:00 a.m. on Monday, August 29th, Mike Brown referred to the storm as a "near catastrophic event". Factcheck underlined the word "near", as if to imply that Brown was clueless about the storm's magnitude. Of course, they are ignoring their own reporting which showed that the New Orleans levees failed about the same time Brown made that statement. Everyone who followed the storm would agree that as of Monday a.m., the sentiment was that our nation had dodged a bullet, and the worse case scenario had not transpired. Factcheck uses the benefit of hindsight to imply Brown was out of touch.
  • During Brown's 11:00 a.m. remarks, he also stated that he hoped to "convey a positive image of disaster operations to government officials". Clearly, Brown wanted to help instill a sense of confidence in his organization, which is the hope of any leader. His comments do not imply an emphasis of image over action. Rather, he wants FEMA to be an active and visible part of the relief operations. Factcheck chose to underline the word "image", hoping to give the false impression that Brown preferred image over action.

    Granted, these may seem like minor details within an excellent summary. But my understanding is that factcheck should be providing facts, not opinions. By counting the words of the president, and emphasizing certain words of Mike Brown, Factcheck is hoping to spread the opinion that Bush and Brown were not overly concerned in providing disaster relief to the victims of Katrina.
  • Monday, September 26, 2005

    Our Evacuation

    Rita is gone and we're back home. Our journey began Wednesday at 3:00 as my family loaded up the Suburban and headed north to Waco. 7 hours later, we had traveled 60 miles. Although the freeways were more congested than I'd ever seen before, the vast majority of people were civil. We stopped at a gas station where only two pumps were operational, and 50 or so cars had parked. There was no commotion over getting in line for gas, and everyone inside the store seemed eager to share their evacuation story. There were pet dogs and cats in tow, and even a pet crab. Fortunately after departing Hempstead, it was smooth sailing to Waco.

    We stayed with my mother, and my in-laws who live around the corner from us in Houston joined us as well. My mother-in-law cleaned out her freezer, and my father-in-law brought several bottles of wine. So our evacuation was spent eating steaks and drinking Merlot, and enjoying good company.

    Our journey back to Houston was much quicker, and we returned to find many large trees uprooted in our neighborhood. Fortunately our home was spared any damage, the only evidence of Rita being a lawn full of branches and leaves. My part of Houston is still a ghost town, as very few restaurants are open and no gas is available. Grocery stores opened for a limited time with short staff. I expect it will be another couple days for everything to back to normal.

    All in all, Rita turned out to be a blessing as we enjoyed a mini family reunion, 3 days off from work, and a total of 6 days off from school. As my mother said, "this has been the best hurricane ever". Of course, next time we might not be so fortunate.

    Tuesday, September 20, 2005

    CNN Readers: Al Qaeda Recovered from Loss of Afghanistan

    As has been reported here in the past, the results of CNN polls consistently portray a strong liberal bias. Presidential polls this time last year showed Kerry with a strong lead, while other polls showed the race a dead heat. Polls about the administration consistently result in negative responses towards the president.

    Today, CNN asked their readers whether Al Qaeda has managed to recover from the loss of Afghanistan. The question is a semi-veiled attempt to ask "was the US military effort in Afghanistan another failed endeavor?"

    Any fool would realize that after losing an entire nation packed with military training camps, that Al Qaeda would be hard pressed to recover. One would think even Bush haters would recognize that the organization could never recover from losing Afghanistan, unless they were able to find another nation willing to sponsor their efforts. Admittedly Al Qaeda can still recruit homicidal maniacs, and they can still teach their doctrine of hate. The can teach new recruits to fire a gun. But they cannot organize large training exercises and crank out thousands of new trained murderers every month, as they could under the Taliban. Osama bin Laden can't even make a video tape, and they think Al Qaeda has recovered?

    Never a crew to miss out on a chance to label an American military exercise a failure, CNN readers boldly proclaimed by a 2/3 majority, that Al Qaeda has indeed recovered from the loss of Afghanistan. Unbelievable.

    PS - Looking forward to Fox News improving their web site so that I don't have to turn to CNN for web news.

    Tuesday, September 13, 2005

    More Love at the George R. Brown

    I worked another shift at the George R. Brown convention center yesterday over lunch, and was pleased to see that there is no shortage of volunteers this week. As I delivered food to the isolation unit, I had a chance to see all the services provided to residents, including:
  • Full service hair salon
  • Massage service
  • Laundry service
  • Reading/movie area for children
  • Cell phone charging table
  • Live music stage

    After working for a couple hours, I sat down to eat lunch and joined a couple. They were from New Orleans, but were planning to settle in Dallas or Virginia. They went out of their way to thank me for my service, and they mentioned how wonderful everyone has been in the city of Houston. Said the man, "I won't forget anyone who's helped us here, including you."

    I thank God that I'm able to help out in some small way, and more importantly, I thank God for all the time and resources being poured into the Katrina relief effort. We are sure to see silver linings emerge from the clouds of this storm for years to come.

    PS - I may be on Fox Sports Net and who knows what other television stations. As I was serving lunch, several camera crews came to our station to film us. Apparently one of the coaches or GM of the Florida Marlins was working the station with me, and he attracted media from as far away as Taiwan. So if you see me, just remember the hair net isn't some goofy fashion statement - it's a Health Department reg.
  • Monday, September 12, 2005

    Response to Katrina Faster than Response to Andrew

    Contrary to what the major media outlets would have us believe, the national response to Katrina was not a disaster in and of itself. In fact, the National Guard responded to Katrina in 3 days. Hurricane Andrew hit the United States in 1992 with category 5 force winds, and the National Guard responded 5 days after the storm hit. Although the death toll numbered 23, those whose homes were destroyed numbered in the thousands, as property damage exceeded $26 billion.

    Since many of the victims in Florida where elderly whites, did anybody cry race or age discrimination? Of course not, because we didn't have one of the major political parties being lead by the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Al Sharpton, and Howard Dean. Those were the good ol' days, I guess.

    Clearly, the tragic images of Katrina far surpassed anything we've witnessed in previous storms. But the facts that families were stranded on rooftops and New Orleans' shelters were full did not change the reality of mobilization logistics.

    This storm covered an area the size of England. Power lines were down, gasoline was difficult to find, bridges and roads were destroyed. All things considered, the federal response was amazing. Unfortunately, Bush opponents will grasp at anything, even human suffering and death, to undermine the man's credibility.

    BTW, this article was linked on Drudge Report - read the Rest of the story here.

    FEMA and Red Cross "Too White"

    So says Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam in his September 8th comments on Hurricane Katrina disaster relief.

    Said Farrakhan: "FEMA is too white to represent us, and so is the Red Cross". Not surprisingly, Farrakhan's comments are buried on page 12 of today's Houston Chronicle. There is no mention of Farrakhan's racist comments in the headline, and few other news outlets have picked up the comments (if Google News is any indicator).

    Last I checked, there were hundreds of thousands of US citizens in dire need of help in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. And color-blind FEMA and the Red Cross are busy distributing hundreds of millions of dollars and tens of thousands of man-hours in aid to storm victims. But Farrakhan feels called to view the tragedy in the only lens he knows: black and white.

    I called the Nation of Islam for a comment, and the woman with whom I spoke was unaware of Farrakhan's comments. She stated the comments were not racist in nature, but when I asked her what would she think if somebody said the Nation of Islam is "too black", she hung up on me. It sounds like she's been sheep-dipped in race-baiting 101, where every question is left unanswered.

    So my question for Farrakhan is would he prefer I stay home the next time I'm headed to the George R. Brown Convention Center to help, because I'm "too white"? Even though my money is green, should I keep it in my own bank account because I'm "too white"? My prayer is that blacks and whites alike ignore this fool, and do what ever they can to help out. As for me, it's lunch time, and I'm off to the convention center to help.

    Friday, September 09, 2005

    Stupidity from the Associated Press

    In yesterday's post titled "Fed up with Blacktivists", USANow covered an article from the Associated Press which focused on the perception in the black community that Hurricane Katrina response was slow because American whites are racist.

    Unfortunately, this article is so full of race-baiting excrement that it requires two USANow posts to cover. Embedded in the story is this nugget:
      If the rescue effort had not been so mishandled, and if those who suffered so needlessly had not been so black and so poor, perhaps Hurricane Katrina would have been just another destructive storm, alongside the likes of Charley and Andrew and Hugo. (There is no Keisha or Kwame.)

    Problem #1: The author is stating categorically that the rescue effort was "mishandled". Although most would agree that relief should have come sooner, all would agree that it's not the sole job of American whites to rescue American blacks. If the response was delayed, all Americans are at fault, including Mayor Nagin of New Orleans.

    Problem #2: The author makes the dig that white America shuns blacks because African names are not chosen for hurricanes. It is a fact that there are more Americans of German descent than of African descent, yet we don't hear the author crying because no hurricane has ever been named Dieter or Gunther.

    Just two more double standards buried in one article, designed to paint whites as racist oppressors, and blacks as oppressed victims. Based on my experience with Hurricane Katrina evacuees and relief workers, we all deserve better.

    Thursday, September 08, 2005

    Thank God, a Voice of Reason

    It took the First Lady to respond to the moronic claims by Al Sharpton, Kanye West, Howard Dean, and 71% of American Blacks who responded to a recent poll claiming hurricane Katrina response was slow due to racism.

    Of course, this won't stop Democrats and blacktivists from droning on and on about racism. One gets the sense that Al Sharpton, for example, won't be happy until the day white Americans are obliged to hand over cash to any black American who asks. But at the very least the administration isn't cowering in the corner like a scared puppy, like many politicians seem to do when accused of racism.

    Story here.

    Fed up with Blacktivists

    Katrina has stirred up many emotions in all of us, the primary being sympathy for the thousands of victims. I've had the pleasure of meeting many victims here in Houston over the past two days, on the streets and while volunteering at the George R. Brown Convention Center today. I loaded and unloaded trucks with supplies, and I worked the lunch lines serving hundreds of evacuees from Louisiana. The people were friendly, and I sat and ate lunch with a group who were grateful for all Houston has done.

    But tonight I see this story on the perpetual race baiting website, MSNBC. This story makes my blood boil. Why do blacks consider themselves a single entity, separate from white Americans. Isn't that racist? Why do blacks still cry about Bush stealing the 2000 election, even though all recounts pointed to a Bush victory? Isn't that ignorance? Why do blacks continue to identify with O.J. Simpson - a black man who bludgeoned his white wife? Most importantly, why do blacks claim the response to Katrina is evidence of racism? Americans have donated 5 times the amount given after 9/11! A legitimate claim could be made that America is racist against whites, because more seems to be donated when blacks suffer than when whites suffer. But MSNBC won't run any stories highlighting that angle. They will never quote a person talking about "white pride", or "white power"......those concepts are racist. Mainstream media will never talk about the institutionalized racism that gives blacks many advantages in small business contracting, college admissions, and college scholarships. They will never talk about the billions of dollars the federal government spends every year supporting minority owned businesses.

    So as a white male, should I just shut my mouth and sit by while white America and the government caters to every whim of the black community? Should I join the apologetic chorus and sing "white Americans are racists" until even the likes of Ann Coulter believes it? Should I just keep giving of my time to Katrina victims all the while the black community labels "my people" racists? Should I keep giving of my money to charitable organizations while black men like musician Timbaland state: “Don’t give to no Red Cross, that’s the easy way. Not to say anything bad about the Red Cross, but who knows where that money’s going? Take your money and do your own thing.”

    When will somebody with a public voice stand up and say "Enough is enough"?

    Why Do Idiots Get a Voice on CNN?

    We have all heard our share of idiotic statements. We hear them at work, we hear them on Jerry Springer, and we hear them coming out of Washington DC. But why does CNN feel compelled to publish every moronic comment made by Katrina storm victims?

    In yet another case of disaster anguish gone wild, Verlyn Davis Jr. is bashing George Bush, and CNN is proud to put his rants on their front page. The headline reads: "We got left. They didn't care."

    "The governor and the president let thousands of people die and they let them die on their roofs and they let them die in the water," said Davis, 45, apparently abdicating Mayor Nagin of all responsibility. I guess veiled racist quotes are fit for publication on CNN, as long as it's whitey getting dissed.

    It must be acknowledged that Davis is proving to be quite industrious and helpful during the emergency, and has built a small shelter and helped clear roads in his area. But apparently he just can't help put the blame on the president, as a blue spray-painted sign on a front window reads: "ABOUT TIME BUSH!"

    Perhaps Davis would be better served by recognizing that the President is pursuing aid in excess of $60 billion for storm victims. Perhaps Davis should consider the fact that Bush called the Louisiana governor before the storm hit, and urged a mandatory evacuation. Perhaps Davis should consider the fact that this was a 3 state disaster, it is impossible for the government to rescue 300,000 people at the same time. I'd like to think that when all is said and done, Davis will recognize his anger is mis-placed.

    Wednesday, September 07, 2005

    Where's Houston

    Updated: CNN, as diligent readers of USANow :), has fixed their map.

    CNN seems to be confusing Corpus Christi with Houston. Check out their latest map of Katrina shelters:

    US Map

    Of course, this is just an accidental snub, but you would think CNN editors have an idea of where Houston is located. This pales in comparison to the NY Times story which equates Houston businesses to ambulances chasers because they're working hard to meet the needs of Katrina victims.

    I guess this is our cross to bear because we embody all that is evil in the eyes of the liberal media - the biggest city in the most populous Republican state, home to the racist George W. Bush.

    Tuesday, September 06, 2005

    The Real Voice of Black America

    This afternoon on my lunch break, I was walking back to my office when a black gentleman asked me for directions to the nearest Subway. He had heard there was a Subway shop on Main, which was about 5 blocks away. I told him there was one much closer, if he wouldn't mind backtracking. He then told me he was staying in the Convention Center, and that he was from Louisiana.

    We introduced ourselves, and I offered to escort him to the Subway, which was near my office. I asked him how things were going for him, and he said it's been great. "Everybody has rolled out the red carpet. I have everything I need, new clothes (he was wearing new pants, two new shirts, and a new FDNY cap), deodorant, all the food I want. I just want something different, and I have $20 so I'm looking for a Subway sandwich on French bread".

    Lionel went on to tell me that he wanted to settle in Houston with his wife. He does maintenance work, and he was looking for a job. Lionel was proud of the fact that he'd raised 2 kids from his first marriage, and another child from his second marriage. At 58 years old, he was looking forward to getting back on his feet and working towards retirement. He had been renting in New Orleans, and had little reason to return.

    I then asked him about New Orleans last week. He was housed at the Superdome and he said it was a nightmare. "Whatever you saw on TV, it was worse. There were rapes and murders. It was awful". I told him there were conflicting reports on the violence, and he told me that it was indeed lawless. In fact, he was initially evacuated to Arkansas, and there had been another rape at his shelter there.

    As we neared the Subway, I pointed him in the direction to get back to the Convention Center. I then showed him the Subway, and he asked "Do you want something?" I was taken aback by this man's generosity, who had just lost everything but was willing to buy me a lunch. I already had my lunch, and said thanks but no thanks. We shook hands, and went on our separate ways.

    My encounter with Lionel has put a human face on the suffering and the resiliency of those affected by Katrina. I'm also left to wonder why hard working, generous men like Lionel aren't the face of black America, as opposed to men like Jesse Jackson and Kanye West. I suspect the black community would gain far more insight from 1 hour with Lionel than they ever could listening to race-baiting nonsense from Jackson and West.

    Welcome to Texas, Lionel.

    Kanye West, King of the Fools

    There have been no shortage of fools in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Irrational, incompetent, and exploitative men have taken this opportunity to point fingers, to politicize this disaster, and most disturbingly, turn Katrina into a racial affair.

    USANow takes a quick look at the Katrina's Top Three Fools. Coming in at Number 3, Aaron Broussard, the president of Jefferson Parish. Said Broussard on Meet the Press this past weekend, "We have been abandoned by our own country. Bureaucracy has committed murder". Perhaps there is still no power at the Broussard household, because to-date, over 250,000 citizens have been evacuated (many on their own accord) and relocated to shelters. Recall the New Orleans disaster did not begin until Tuesday, August 30th. By Saturday, September 3rd (4 days later), hundreds of thousands were rescued, transported, fed, and clothed. Broussard calls this "abandonment"? Is he even aware of the devastation in Mississippi and Alabama? Does he understand that FEMA's initial response on Monday was directed towards those states? Can he grasp the fact that delivering emergency resources to hundreds of thousands in a third state might take a couple days?

    The #2 fool is Jesse Jackson, who seems to have taken up permanent residence on such lists. Said Jackson, "It's racist to call American citizens refugees". Say what? What does race have to do with this disaster? And since when did a particular race become associated with a person's status as a refugee? This statement is further proof that Jesse Jackson is nothing more than a racial conflict waiting to happen. White America has donated hundreds of millions of dollars, and welcomed hundreds of thousands of storm victims, and Jackson the Fool wastes our time crying about racism. The day this moron exits our nation's political stage cannot come soon enough.

    The #1 fool on the list, without question, is Kanye West. West participated in a telethon this past weekend to raise funds for storm victims, and departed from his script to deliver such nuggest of "wisdom".
    • America is setup "to help the poor, the black people, the less well-off as slow as possible". Gee, moron, the less well-off already receive a disproportionate share of federal resources every single day. Welfare, food stamps, and free school lunches are just a few examples of how our government helps "the poor, the black people, the less well-off" every day. To top it off, the celebrity telethon took place 6 days after Katrina.....what took so long Kanye?
    • "George Bush doesn't care about black people". Tell that to Colin Powell and Condi Rice, who have been given far more responsibility in Bush's cabinet than any other blacks have received in previous administrations. Tell that to the thousands of blacks who will benefit from the tens of billions of dollars Bush has pledged for disaster relief.
    • "They've given them permission to go down and shoot us". West is yet another black activist who seems to think that no black can do any wrong, and will defend any black, any time for any action. In what is little surprise coming from somebody completely void of rational thoughts, West apparently thinks it's OK for the armed thugs in New Orleans to fire at rescue workers. West apparently thinks it's acceptable for black looters to fire guns at police officers. Does the moron really believe rescue workers and police officers should not defend themselves?