Thursday, September 08, 2005

Fed up with Blacktivists

Katrina has stirred up many emotions in all of us, the primary being sympathy for the thousands of victims. I've had the pleasure of meeting many victims here in Houston over the past two days, on the streets and while volunteering at the George R. Brown Convention Center today. I loaded and unloaded trucks with supplies, and I worked the lunch lines serving hundreds of evacuees from Louisiana. The people were friendly, and I sat and ate lunch with a group who were grateful for all Houston has done.

But tonight I see this story on the perpetual race baiting website, MSNBC. This story makes my blood boil. Why do blacks consider themselves a single entity, separate from white Americans. Isn't that racist? Why do blacks still cry about Bush stealing the 2000 election, even though all recounts pointed to a Bush victory? Isn't that ignorance? Why do blacks continue to identify with O.J. Simpson - a black man who bludgeoned his white wife? Most importantly, why do blacks claim the response to Katrina is evidence of racism? Americans have donated 5 times the amount given after 9/11! A legitimate claim could be made that America is racist against whites, because more seems to be donated when blacks suffer than when whites suffer. But MSNBC won't run any stories highlighting that angle. They will never quote a person talking about "white pride", or "white power"......those concepts are racist. Mainstream media will never talk about the institutionalized racism that gives blacks many advantages in small business contracting, college admissions, and college scholarships. They will never talk about the billions of dollars the federal government spends every year supporting minority owned businesses.

So as a white male, should I just shut my mouth and sit by while white America and the government caters to every whim of the black community? Should I join the apologetic chorus and sing "white Americans are racists" until even the likes of Ann Coulter believes it? Should I just keep giving of my time to Katrina victims all the while the black community labels "my people" racists? Should I keep giving of my money to charitable organizations while black men like musician Timbaland state: “Don’t give to no Red Cross, that’s the easy way. Not to say anything bad about the Red Cross, but who knows where that money’s going? Take your money and do your own thing.”

When will somebody with a public voice stand up and say "Enough is enough"?

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