Tuesday, September 20, 2005

CNN Readers: Al Qaeda Recovered from Loss of Afghanistan

As has been reported here in the past, the results of CNN polls consistently portray a strong liberal bias. Presidential polls this time last year showed Kerry with a strong lead, while other polls showed the race a dead heat. Polls about the administration consistently result in negative responses towards the president.

Today, CNN asked their readers whether Al Qaeda has managed to recover from the loss of Afghanistan. The question is a semi-veiled attempt to ask "was the US military effort in Afghanistan another failed endeavor?"

Any fool would realize that after losing an entire nation packed with military training camps, that Al Qaeda would be hard pressed to recover. One would think even Bush haters would recognize that the organization could never recover from losing Afghanistan, unless they were able to find another nation willing to sponsor their efforts. Admittedly Al Qaeda can still recruit homicidal maniacs, and they can still teach their doctrine of hate. The can teach new recruits to fire a gun. But they cannot organize large training exercises and crank out thousands of new trained murderers every month, as they could under the Taliban. Osama bin Laden can't even make a video tape, and they think Al Qaeda has recovered?

Never a crew to miss out on a chance to label an American military exercise a failure, CNN readers boldly proclaimed by a 2/3 majority, that Al Qaeda has indeed recovered from the loss of Afghanistan. Unbelievable.

PS - Looking forward to Fox News improving their web site so that I don't have to turn to CNN for web news.

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