Monday, September 12, 2005

Response to Katrina Faster than Response to Andrew

Contrary to what the major media outlets would have us believe, the national response to Katrina was not a disaster in and of itself. In fact, the National Guard responded to Katrina in 3 days. Hurricane Andrew hit the United States in 1992 with category 5 force winds, and the National Guard responded 5 days after the storm hit. Although the death toll numbered 23, those whose homes were destroyed numbered in the thousands, as property damage exceeded $26 billion.

Since many of the victims in Florida where elderly whites, did anybody cry race or age discrimination? Of course not, because we didn't have one of the major political parties being lead by the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Al Sharpton, and Howard Dean. Those were the good ol' days, I guess.

Clearly, the tragic images of Katrina far surpassed anything we've witnessed in previous storms. But the facts that families were stranded on rooftops and New Orleans' shelters were full did not change the reality of mobilization logistics.

This storm covered an area the size of England. Power lines were down, gasoline was difficult to find, bridges and roads were destroyed. All things considered, the federal response was amazing. Unfortunately, Bush opponents will grasp at anything, even human suffering and death, to undermine the man's credibility.

BTW, this article was linked on Drudge Report - read the Rest of the story here.

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