Friday, September 09, 2005

Stupidity from the Associated Press

In yesterday's post titled "Fed up with Blacktivists", USANow covered an article from the Associated Press which focused on the perception in the black community that Hurricane Katrina response was slow because American whites are racist.

Unfortunately, this article is so full of race-baiting excrement that it requires two USANow posts to cover. Embedded in the story is this nugget:
    If the rescue effort had not been so mishandled, and if those who suffered so needlessly had not been so black and so poor, perhaps Hurricane Katrina would have been just another destructive storm, alongside the likes of Charley and Andrew and Hugo. (There is no Keisha or Kwame.)

Problem #1: The author is stating categorically that the rescue effort was "mishandled". Although most would agree that relief should have come sooner, all would agree that it's not the sole job of American whites to rescue American blacks. If the response was delayed, all Americans are at fault, including Mayor Nagin of New Orleans.

Problem #2: The author makes the dig that white America shuns blacks because African names are not chosen for hurricanes. It is a fact that there are more Americans of German descent than of African descent, yet we don't hear the author crying because no hurricane has ever been named Dieter or Gunther.

Just two more double standards buried in one article, designed to paint whites as racist oppressors, and blacks as oppressed victims. Based on my experience with Hurricane Katrina evacuees and relief workers, we all deserve better.

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