Tuesday, September 13, 2005

More Love at the George R. Brown

I worked another shift at the George R. Brown convention center yesterday over lunch, and was pleased to see that there is no shortage of volunteers this week. As I delivered food to the isolation unit, I had a chance to see all the services provided to residents, including:
  • Full service hair salon
  • Massage service
  • Laundry service
  • Reading/movie area for children
  • Cell phone charging table
  • Live music stage

    After working for a couple hours, I sat down to eat lunch and joined a couple. They were from New Orleans, but were planning to settle in Dallas or Virginia. They went out of their way to thank me for my service, and they mentioned how wonderful everyone has been in the city of Houston. Said the man, "I won't forget anyone who's helped us here, including you."

    I thank God that I'm able to help out in some small way, and more importantly, I thank God for all the time and resources being poured into the Katrina relief effort. We are sure to see silver linings emerge from the clouds of this storm for years to come.

    PS - I may be on Fox Sports Net and who knows what other television stations. As I was serving lunch, several camera crews came to our station to film us. Apparently one of the coaches or GM of the Florida Marlins was working the station with me, and he attracted media from as far away as Taiwan. So if you see me, just remember the hair net isn't some goofy fashion statement - it's a Health Department reg.
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