Thursday, June 24, 2004

Google News: USANow #1!

Well, sort of. Go to Google and type in usanow and look what link comes up #1! Three weeks ago one had to enter 'usanow + blogspot' to get a result (as if anybody would ever do that search). Two weeks ago 'usanow' alone worked, but we were buried on page 6 (apparently there are several other sites and organizations with usanow in their name). No longer, baby! 1st page, first link! Now if I can just figure out how to get people to go to Google and search for usanow.

On another google-related note, the remainder of this post is intended to try to get Google to stop pushing ads for J*hn K*rry on USANow. You may have noticed that there have been links to and to the NYTimes. Apparently all you have to do is mention his name and the Google web crawlers assume you must be of the pro K*rry mindset. So this is my arcane attempt to wake up the Google web crawlers (because apparently the keywords in my blog template aren't doing the trick). Hopefully these words will generate advertisement links which more fairly represent the political stance of USANow:

Elect George Bush! Elect George Bush! Republican, conservative, Christian, Catholic, pro-life, faith, hope, love, charity, United States of America, freedom, democracy, liberty, capitalism, equality, justice.

Hopefully in short order this site won't be polluted with advertisements for the most liberal senator this nation as seen in years (who shall remain nameless lest Google starts pumping ads for him again).

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