Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Morrissey Comments No Surprise

Alternative rock singer Morrissey interrupted his Dublin concert on the day former President Reagan passed away, and announced the news to his fans. For reasons only understood by Irish fans of Morrissey, the audience cheered at the news. Morrissey then offered his opinion, stating that he wished it was George W. Bush who passed away, and not Reagan.

This comment is clearly morbid and inappropriate, and may come as a shock to every American with the exception of Nancy Pelosi (who is likely kicking herself because she didn't say it first). But let's consider the source. As a long time Smiths (Morrissey's old band) and Morrissey fan, I've long been puzzled, humored, and at times sickened by his lyrics. He is clearly a tortured soul, and it should come as no surprise that his homosexual lifestyle places him at odds with George Bush. Here are a few samples of Morrissey's lyrics:

"I've come to wish you an unhappy birthday. Because you're evil and you lie, and if you should die, I might feel slightly sad but I won't cry".

"I said 'No', and then I shot myself. So drink, drink, drink and be ill tonight".

"Girlfriend in a coma, I know, I know, it's serious. There are times when I could have 'strangled' her".

"Margaret on the guillotine, because people like you make me feel so tired. When will you die? When will you die?"

These snippets only scratch the surface of the deranged thoughts which Morrissey presents as song lyrics. Strangely enough, his music is considered excellent by those of who enjoy alternative music. His morbid lyrics are often accompanied by upbeat melodies which, combined with Johnny Marr's guitar (when the two played together with The Smiths), serve as the basis for some truly great music.

So while Morrissey's strange lyrics and great music have sold millions of records and attracted a large following, even his biggest fans place little creedence in his political rhetoric. Unlike Bono of U2, who has long championed political causes, Morrissey is an obscure oddball whose comments may even help the Bush campaign. After all, do fence-sitting Americans really want to join the political side which wants to see their presidential rival dead?

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