Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Newsweek Labels Bremer Incompetent: What do Iraqis Say?

Take a look at the June 29 post on this blog.

Optimists and skeptics alike were touched by the early handover and by Bremer's last words to the Iraqi people. Is there any doubt remaining that Rod Nordland of Newsweek is guilty of political partisanship?

Listening to Botox Pelosi babble on and on about George Bush's incompetence is irritating, and clearly demonstrates that her over-abundance of botox is balanced by her lack in statesmanship. But we can accept her drivel because she is part of the extreme left political machine.

However, the likes of Michael Moore and Rod Nordland are an entirely different matter. These two purport to be purveyors of objective news and analysis. Yet they ignore critical facts (270 mass graves found in Iraq, thousands of mutilated Iraqis, documented attempts by Saddam Hussein to procure nuclear weapons and components) to undermine the administration's case for war. They ignore the heroic efforts of thousands of Americans, Brittish, and Iraqis on the ground who are working to secure peace and prosperity for the next generation, and label them incompetent because terrorists are still busy terrorizing. They claim to be educating Americans, yet they appear to have a healthy disdain for Americans who fall to the right of center.

Fortunately, the blogger world offers us a clear view of what really is happening in the streets of Baghdad. That view is not always pretty, but it's a stark contrast to the vision that Moore and Nordland would like you to see.

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