Friday, June 04, 2004

248,000 More Reasons to Vote for Bush: Kerry Wrong Again

US nonfarm payroll numbers were just announced, and 248,000 new jobs were created in May. This is 28,000 more jobs than economists were expecting. To top it off, April's numbers were revised upwards to 346,000 new jobs, and March was revised upwards to 353,000 new jobs!

The US economy has created nearly 1.2 million jobs YTD, which means we're on a pace of over 2.8 million new jobs for the year. Although these numbers are not seasonally adjusted, it's clear to anybody with any economic sense that these numbers are outstanding. Contrary to the rants of Bush critics, this is not a jobless recovery. Tax cuts are working, and Americans are going back to work.

Of course, Bush and the administration weathered the storm 4 months ago, when liberal politicians were chastising him for boldly predicting 2.6 million new jobs in 2004. Said John Kerry in response to Bush's 2.6 million new jobs prediction: "I've got a feeling this report was prepared by the same people who brought us the intelligence on Iraq". Well, Mr. Kerry, what say you now? Any other dim-witted comments that serve no purpose other than to undermine this administration? The silence is deafening.

Thank you, George Bush, for shutting up the liberal spin machine, and for again making John Kerry look like a moron.

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