Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Another Sad Day

Thanks to Judge Phyllis Hamilton, Planned "Parenthood" (read Planned Infanticide) is now able to resume providing Partial Birth Abortions. According to Hamilton, who was nominated to the Northern District of California by Bill Clinton, the Partial Birth Abortion Ban act passed by Congress recently "poses an undue burden on a woman's right to choose an abortion".

Undue burden? Sorry Phyllis, we wouldn't want to place any "burdens" on a woman and her doctor as they work to partially remove the child from his/her mother's womb and subsequently crush its skull. I mean, what business it is of the government's how/where/when a woman destroys her offspring? Who cares if the baby is partially delivered in the 8th month, only to have its skull crushed?

Of course, Planned Infanticide lawyer Beth Parker was joyous, exclaiming that the ruling sends a "strong message" to Ashcroft and Bush. She stated that the government shouldn't be "intruding" on "medical decisions".

What a sad day when idiots like Hamilton and Parker, who think crushing the skull of an 8 month old unborn baby is a "medical decision", are in positions of influence and power.

PS - On March 5th of this year, as part of research to determine the medical necessity of partial birth abortions, the administration subpoenaed the records of hundreds of women who have received abortions across 6 offices of Planned Infanticide. The records were requested in a manner in which all names would be removed.Phyllis Hamilton denied the request! She said the request was "burdensome". Gee, too much work for you, Phyllis? I'd hate to clutter up your busy docket with such "burdensome" activities. And she calls herself a judge? She blocked the efforts of others to conduct the research necessary to determine the validity of new legislation. When the legislation ultimately passed, she issued a ruling against it. Hamilton is not interested in due process, she is not interested in the truth, she is not interested in serving the public....she is purely interested in advancing her personal, liberal agenda. What a travesty it is that Hamilton is a federal judge.

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