Tuesday, June 29, 2004

May God Help Us

I've long suspected that the results of CNN polls are tainted by a disproportionate number of the bleeding heart set. Recent presidential polls on CNN show Kerry winning by a margin of 30 percentage points, when typical polls show Kerry in the lead by 2 or 3 points. Many other CNN polls show such a significant bias that I now second guess myself if I'm ever with the majority of respondents.

My suspicions are confirmed today with CNN's poll related to internet pornography. In their infinite wisdom, the Supreme Court decided today that attempts to prosecute pornographers who distribute their 'wares' to children are likely constitutional. The court believes that freely distributing pornography is covered by free speech. CNN created a related poll asking if the US should police pornography on the internet, and as of this morning 51% of respondents feel that no policing is necessary. I must be a prude because I don't want my children to have easy access to hard core smut from the comfort of my home.

Today's poll provides living proof that smut peddlers, ACLU attorneys, and extreme leftist Democrats make up a large share of the visitors to CNN's website. It's small wonder that Bush comes out on the short end of every CNN poll.

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