Thursday, June 24, 2004

Senator Rockefeller: Mindless Parrot?

Senator Jay Rockefeller, Democrat from West Virginia, was interviewed on Fox News this morning. He naturally expressed his pessimism about Iraq, and stated that the Bush Administration did not think this through before we went to war. Here is a paraphrased recount of this conversation:

Fox anchor: "Do you think we should pack up and leave Iraq"?
Rockefeller: "No"
Fox Anchor: "Then, what would you recommend we do that would prove to be more effective than what we are doing today"?
Rockefeller: "The administration did not think this through before going to war".
Fox Anchor: "But I'm asking you where we should go from here"
Rockefeller: "Let me finish. I sat 40 feet in front of Bush when he tried to make the case for war. We are in the wrong country" blah blah blah blah blah

Apparently Rockefeller is so inept that he can't even suggest one single idea on how to improve the current situation. This guy is the ranking Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, and all he can do is parrot the Democratic party line about "this wasn't thought through"? The dimwit thinks that the Bush Administration should have been able to look forward 18 months and know precisely how terrorists would react, yet he can't even come up with one suggestion as to how to wage this war? Obviously the situation in Iraq is ugly and is not what the administration hoped for 18 months ago when this war was planned, but Forrest Gump could have provided more insight on 'where we go from here' than did Rockefeller this morning.

If this guy's last name was Smith or Jones, would he ever sniff the inside of Capital Hill?

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