Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Heinz Kerry Funding Web Site which Praises Hizbullah

In what might be the most startling example of the Left Gone Wild, it was reported yesterday that the H. John Heinz III fund of the Heinz Family Foundations are financial contributors to a website which glorifies Hizbullah suicide bombers! broke this story 2 days ago about the Womens eNews website article which praises Hizbullah suicide bombers. The story focuses on the widows of the murderers, and the great lengths Hizbullah goes to financially support their families. Here is one excerpt, from a widow in Lebanon: "He was martyred on the 10th of February 1995. He was 21 years old," she says. "Thank God he died according to the objectives of Hizbullah." This woman thanks God that her husband died killing others? Womens eNews endorses this line of thinking, and Teresa Heinz Kerry supports Womens eNews?

Here's another quote: "Completely dependent on Hizbullah, women such as Zoorgoof are directly threatened by the United States' recent calls for Hizbullah to dismantle." So the United States is the bad guy here because we want to shut down Hizbullah? I guess this is just another case of the heartless Bush administration wanting to wage war on defensless women.

Can you imagine a 1945 article which chastises the United States for dismantling the Nazi party? Of course not, because fanatical leftists weren't running the media 60 years ago, nor were they hellbent on destroying our nation as we know it. But today we have liberal judges striking any reference to God from our society. We have politicians promoting class warfare by demonizing the wealthy. We have the ACLU fighting to ensure all lifestyles are protected except heterosexual Christianity. We have activists preaching "racism" when preference is not given to their race. We have activist judges overturning congress to ensure a woman's right to suck the brains out of a partially delivered baby. But in what may be the most shocking development, we have liberal websites, supported by the wife of the Democratic nominee for President, glorifying one of the most deadly terrorist organizations of our time.

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