Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Democrats in Action

The Drudge Report linked to this story from the New York Times. The report summarizes the activities of the hundreds of protestors who have descended on New York City this week.

Some of the 'highlights' include:
  • Kicking and punching a police officer, who is now hospitalized in stable condition.
  • Interrupting/harassing delegates during meals at outdoor restaurants.
  • Swearing at delegates as they enter theaters and restaurants.

    The ugly face of the Democratic party has reared its ugly head. Granted, this behavior is not in any way a representation of the average Democrat, but consider that the Republican party has nothing near this type of radical element. We're not facing reasonable people in this political battle, we're facing a large group of scumbag mental midgets who would rather incite anarchy than engage in intelligent political debate.
  • Monday, August 30, 2004

    John Kerry and Infanticide - Graphic Image Warning

    It's clear to everyone by now that George Bush is the pro-life candidate, and John Kerry is the pro-'choice' candidate. But where does Kerry stand on the most flagrantly vile form of abortion, partial-birth abortion?

    Before we proceed, let's take a look at an unborn child at 6 months:

    Let's also take a look at a schematic of the partial-birth abortion procedure as published on the Christ's Faithful People website.

    Clearly, partial-birth abortion is barbaric, cruel, and highly unusual. Where does Kerry stand on this procedure? Here is the record:
  • December 7, 1995 - Kerry was one of 44 senators who voted against the partial birth abortion ban (HR1833).
  • September 26, 1996 - Kerry was on of 41 senators who voted against a measure to override Bill Clinton's veto (HR1833).
  • May 20, 1997 - Kerry was one of 36 senators who voted against the partial birth abortion ban (HR1122).
  • September 19, 1998 - Kerry was one of 36 senators who voted against a measure to override Bill Clinton's veto (HR1122).
  • October 21, 1999 - Kerry was one of 34 senators who voted against final passage of the Santorum partial-birth abortion act of 1999.

    In other abortion related votes:
  • September 11, 1996 - Kerry was one of 45 senators who voted against a measure to kill federal employee health insurance coverage for abortions (HR3756).
  • June 25, 1997 - Kerry was one of 39 senators who voted against a measure to ban the use federal funds for abortions (S947).
  • June 30, 2000 - Kerry was one of 41 senators who voted to kill an amendment to prohibit funding of 'morning after' pills for schools (HR4577).

    In 2003, Kerry gets presidential aspirations and begins his extended vacation from congressional duties and tries to remake himself as a moderate by failing to vote on several key amendments:
  • March 11, 2003 - Kerry was one of 4 senators who did not vote on the Murray Amendment to provide "morning after" abortifacient pill as part of the Partial Birth Abortion Act (SA258).
  • March 12, 2003 - Kerry was one of 5 senators who did not vote on the Feinstein Amendment designed to gut the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act (SA261).
  • March 13, 2003 - Kerry was one of 3 senators who did not vote on the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003

    This year, Kerry again shows his true colors and takes a stand:
  • March 26, 2004 - Kerry is one of 38 senators to vote against "Laci and Conner's" law which protects unborn children from assault and murder.

    These facts lead to one simple conslusion: Kerry is a radical, uncompromising supporter of even the most vile forms of abortion. This man does not belong in the senate, much less the White House

  • Friday, August 27, 2004

    Things Not Always What They Seem

    From today's Wall Street Journal we find an excellent analysis of the recently reported data related to uninsured Americans. Yesterday, the US Census Bureau reported that 45 million Americans lived without health insurance during at least part of 2003. This total represents 15.6% of the US population. On the surface, this is a staggering total.

    The Census Bureau report prompted John Kerry to issue a written statement, outlining the choices the US faces in this presidential election:
      "Four more years of an administration that puts the narrow interests of the few ahead of the interests of most Americans, or new leadership that will serve as a champion for the middle-class and those struggling to join it."

    So does the US Census Bureau support Kerry's notion that the Bush administration is putting "the narrow interests of the few ahead of the interests of most Americans"?

    During the 'Clinton boom years' of 1997 and 1998, the percentage of uninsured Americans was actually higher than what it was in 2003. So while it is true that there were more Americans uninsured in 2003 than there were in 2002, yesterday's number confirms that we are no worse off in this regard than we were under the previous administration. So much for Kerry's premise.

    Taking a closer look, we see that there are as many 14 million Americans who are eligible for Medicaid or State Children's Health Insurance, but who have failed to apply. Clearly, these 14 million should not be classified as "uninsured" because insurance is indeed available. Secondly, the census data reveals that, of the 43 million uninsured, 15 million earn more than $50,000 per year. Clearly, these citizens could afford health insurance but choose to roll the dice, so to speak, and prefer consumption over health insurance.

    To conclude, 29 million of the uninsured Americans are either eligible or should realistically be able to purchase insurance. This leaves 13 million Americans, or less than 5%, without health insurance and without the means to provide for themselves in this regard. Clearly it is in our nation's best interests that adequate medical coverage be provided to all Americans, but the current 'crisis' is not nearly as broad in scope as the Democrats would lead us to believe.

    Wednesday, August 25, 2004

    Sorry Coach, We've Got Scoreboard

    In today's Wall Street Journal, Stefan Fatsis discusses the current state of affairs of the United States' team handball program. Apparently, the game is fast paced, high scoring, and players require a great deal of athleticism and aggression to be successful. In other words, this is a support that might have great appeal in the United States. However, few people have ever seen a team handball match, much less played the sport. In fact, the United States team did not qualify for the Olympics in Athens.

    In a recent post-game press conference, Fatsis asked why the United States is not more successful in the game. The French Coach, Claude Onesta, responded "As far as I am concerned, there are a lot of games at which the United States does not excel".

    Well excuse me, coach, while I check the Olympic medal scoreboard:
    United States - 72 Medals, including 25 gold
    France - 25 Medals, including 9 gold

    As an aside, this is just one more item on a long list of reasons why I am baffled that John Kerry blames the current administration for deteriorating US/French relations. Who in their right mind could maintain a civil relationship with such a smug and pompous group of people?

    Chalk me up as the newest fan of the United States Team Handball program. I'll be sure to pop open a bottle of fine California wine the day the US program defeats the French.

    More Hypocrisy from the Kerry Campaign

    In a letter delivered by former senator Max Cleland (a man who served only one term when it became clear to Georgia voters that Cleland was one of the most liberal senators in Washington), the Kerry campaign stated:

    "Our pain from seeing these slanderous attacks stems from something much more fundamental, that if one veteran's record is called into question, the service of all American veterans is questioned."

    How ironic. Testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on April 23, 1971, Kerry claimed that U.S. soldiers had “raped, cut off ears, cut off heads, taped wires from portable telephones to human genitals and turned up the power, cut off limbs, blown up bodies, randomly shot at civilians, razed villages, shot cattle and dogs for fun, poisoned food stocks, and generally ravaged the countryside of South Vietnam.”

    I wasn't in Viet Nam, so don't know who is telling the truth. But for John Kerry to begin his political career by slandering his fellow veterans, and then to cry foul when other veterans call into question his service is pure hypocricy.

    Monday, August 23, 2004

    Sour Grapes From Russia

    In an interview published Saturday in a daily Russian paper, Olympic silver medalist gymnast Svetlana Khorkina claimed that she knew she couldn't win the gold medal from the outset of the all around gymnastics competition.

    Said Khorkina, "I'm just furious. I knew well in advance, even before I stepped on the stage for my first event, that I was going to lose". She continued, "Everything was decided in advance. I did everything right, still they just set me up and fleeced me."

    Poor Svetlana, apparently the non-partisan Olympic judges have a vendetta against her. Why is it that judges would single her out for low scores? According to her, "It's because I'm Russian and not American". Gee Svetlana, I didn't realize that the rest of the world bent over backwards to hand favors to the Americans. Last I checked, a good percentage of the rest of the world would pull for anybody but the USA. Apparently this is true everywhere but in the Olympic female gymnastics judges community.

    Obviously Svetlana is a very poor loser. Rather than celebrate her silver medal, she chooses to tarnish the games by claiming some outrageous conspiracy. But perhaps she's a really good person, simply frustrated by her performance? Perhaps her quotes were taken out of context? Nope. After the all-around competition was complete, Khorkina stated to reporters "I'm still the Olympic champion". That statement is curious not only because Khorkina is not and never has been Olympic champion in the all-around, but also because the real Olympic champion, Carly Patterson, was sitting next to her at the time. If there is any doubt left about Khorkina's venemous disposition, consider the comments she made later in the Russian daily about Patterson: "I’ve seen a much tougher opposition than her. Let’s see how long she can remain on top".

    This weekend, I looked with sympathy at Khorkina, knowing she just missed out on gold in 2000. When the all-around competition ended and she had won silver, she appeared gracious. My family was pulling for her in the individual events, hoping that she'd take home a gold medal after all. But now that Khorkina has shown her true colors to the world, it's clear she doesn't belong on the world gymnastics stage, much less at the top of the Olympic podium.

    Wednesday, August 18, 2004

    Does Anybody Know John Kerry?

    In what is perhaps the most bizarre story of the presidential campaign, the Democratic National Committee posted on their web site that John Kerry is the former Vice Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. This pronouncement came as news to Bob Kerrey, the former Democratic senator from Nebraska, who did serve as the Vice Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence

    Alerted to the issue, the DNC quickly took down news releases and other postings from their website last Friday, August 13th. Said Kerry campaign spokesman Michael Meehan, "John Kerry, Bob Kerrey - similar names". Apparently, the DNC doesn't even know the Democratic candidate for president. Had they studied the record more closely, they would have seen that Kerry missed 75% of the committee's public hearings during his tenure from 1993 until 2001. Do they really believe that a man who only made 25% of the committee public hearings is qualified to be Vice Chairman?

    More importantly, does America believe that a man who distorted his military record, failed to show up for work more than half the time this year, and who is unknown even to his own political party, is qualified to be President of the United States?

    Tuesday, August 17, 2004

    Write Your Own Bush Conspiracy

    By now, we've heard all of the conspiracy theories, urban legends, and biased news coverage of the Bush Administration. The likes of CNN, NPR, Michael Moore, and the ACLU have been burning midnight oil in their attempts to discredit Bush. They are fanning the flames of the 'anybody but Bush' fire that's sweeping across the far left reaches of the political spectrum.

    Today, I came across a political board which stated that Michael Moore has made it clear for all of us that George Bush is more concerned with his golf swing than the war on terror. Of course, I'll give the author the benefit of the doubt - I assume this line is just another case of hyperbole gone wild on a political discussion board. But it makes one wonder: How many Americans would believe that statement, and secondly, are there any limits to what the neo-liberal crowd would believe when it comes to the Bush Administration?

    Here is USANow's testing of these waters...I wonder how many people would read this site and believe it?

    Monday, August 16, 2004

    Major Troop Redeployment

    President Bush announced a major troop redeployment today. This move, which has been in the works for 3 years, involves between 60,000 and 70,000 service personnel. Another 100,000 family members and civilian employees are also effected. Details have not yet been announced, but it is expected that troops will be withdrawn from South Korea and Germany.

    This move is driven by changing US security needs. Current troop levels reflect our Cold War needs. This redeployment is meant to better address our current security needs related to the war on terror and reduce costs associated with overseas troop deployments.

    In the wake of the announcement, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) was quick to attack. General Wesley Clark stated that removing troops from Europe and Asia would "significantly undermine U.S. national security. This ill-conceived move and its timing seem politically motivated rather than designed to strengthen our national security." Richard Holbrooke, former ambassador to Germany and an advisor to the Kerry campaign, stated "I know that the Germans are very unhappy about these withdrawals".

    Several things stand out about the DNC comments:
    • Clark's position is in direct opposition to John Kerry's comments at the convention. During the convention, Kerry stated that he wanted to expand US troop levels domestically. Apparently Clark does not see a need for increasing domestic troop levels.
    • Clark is attacking Bush because this move is deemed to be "politically motivated". Presumably this means that the move is a good thing, which contradicts his "ill-conceived" comment.
    • Holbrooke, unlike Clark, is apparently in goose-step, I mean lock-step, with Kerry. Pleasing the Germans and the French seems to be the cornerstone of the Kerry platform.
    To conclude, Democrats can't agree as to whether or not we should expand domestic troop levels (although their case against the initiative is self-contradicting), they agree that in order to better run the United States of America, we need to focus on pleasing the Germans, and most importantly of all, Bush should stop all initiatives that are "politically motivated". Perhaps the DNC would prefer that President Bush take the lead from John Kerry, and stop working for the entire year leading up to the election?

    Thursday, August 12, 2004

    Should US Athletes Go Low-Key on Patriotism

    Other teams are draping their nations flags from balconies in the Olympic village. But the US Olympic Committee has asked our athletes to tone down the patriotism, and refrain from displaying the Stars and Stripes. This is ridiculous. So we now have to hide our patriotism from the rest of the world? What's next - preemptive written apologies to foreign countries just for being American?

    As Greco Roman wrestler Jim Gruenwald said, "I'm an American and I'm not going to tone it down". Good for him. Personally, I'd rather see images like the one below than a contingent of athletes who aren't even allowed to fly our flag.

    US relay team in controversial pose after winning Gold in 2000.

    Wednesday, August 11, 2004

    Flip Flop Part 1,736,223

    Fox News reported tonight on the Kerry campaign. We saw a nice sound bite of Kerry speaking to elderly voters on the prescription drug plan passed under the Bush Administration: "My opponents offer distortions...they're unbelievable! I don't want to repeal it, I want to fix it!".

    Flashback to January 21 of this year, Kerry speaking on the same subject: "The whole thing needs to be repealed".

    Apparently as US Senator, Mr. Kerry did not need to concern himself with things like honesty, consistency, integrity. As presidential candidate, however, Kerry is under a magnifying glass, and his incessant flip-flopping is catching up to him.

    ACLU At It Again

    It what should come as no surprise, the ACLU is standing in the way of our nation's attempt to prosecute our war on terror.

    The ACLU, which apparently is unaware that Arab Muslims bombed the USS Cole, bombed the World Trade Center in 1994, bombed several US embassies in Africa, destroyed a passenger jet over Lockerbe Scotland, destroyed the World Trade Centers, flew a jetliner into the Pentagon, ... need I continue? Even fans of Sesame Street and Barney could recognize such an obvious trend.

    Is this to say all Muslims should be the subject of suspicion? Of course not. But it should go without saying that there is one segment in the US population whose religious and political leaders have declared war on the United States: Arab Muslims. So it stands to reason that our intelligence services should use that bit of knowledge in their efforts to identify potential terrorists. If the Pope declares jihad against the US, and urges Catholics to murder innocent civilians, then I'd have no problem with being investigated simply because I'm Catholic. Not that the day would ever come, but if it did the last thing I would do would be to go crying to the ACLU.

    So in our current war on terror, if a few innocent Arab Muslims are inconvenienced as a result of our investigations, big deal. I'd trade the lives of one US citizen for the inconvenience of a handful of others any day of the week.

    Tuesday, August 10, 2004

    Swift Vets Provide More Details

    There's been a great deal of controversy surrounding this commercial from Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. In today's Wall Street Journal, an article by Jim Rassman provides details behind Kerry's Bronze Star. Under enemy fire and suffering from wounds inflicted by a mine explosion, Kerry turned his swift boat around and rescued Rassman, who had been blown overboard.

    Swift Boat Veterans for Truth offers a different account of the events in this letter to TV station managers. According to these veterans, Kerry was suffering from a self-inflicted grenade wound which had taken place previously. Enemy fire had long ceased when Kerry turned his boat around to rescue Rassman. In addition, other swift boats were already on the scene pulling sailors out of the water when Kerry arrived.

    Who to believe? Are these events which took place over 30 years ago relevant today? USANow contends that these events are indeed relevant, as Kerry has made is Viet Nam service a cornerstone of his campaign. In addition, he made a name for himself post-Viet Nam, publicly slandering his fellow soldiers. For these reasons, Kerry's Viet Nam service is not only relevant, his service may provide us the most telling insights into Kerry's character.

    As to who is telling the truth, I've assumed Kerry is innocent until proven guilty. But this latest letter from Swift Boat Veterans for Truth goes a long way towards removing any reasonable doubt that Kerry has been dishonest with the American public.

    Friday, August 06, 2004

    DNC's Religious 'Leadership' Exposed

    I received a forwarded email today put out by the Baptist Press News. It seems that the Democrat's senior advisor for religious outreach, Brenda Bartella Peterson, has resigned. She stated that it was no longer possible to do her job effectively. Of course, USANow contends that 'religious Democrat' is, to some extent, an oxymoron. Perhaps this is the reason Peterson's job was so difficult.

    Apparently the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights issued statements on 3 consecutive days criticizing Peterson. Just more harassment from the Republican Political Machine, you say? Actually, Ms. Peterson offered her signature in support of Michael Newdow's attempt to remove "under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance. Not exactly the type of behavior one would expect from the DNC Senior Advisor for Religious Outreach.

    Two questions come to mind:

    • How could an ordained Disciples of Christ minister support the removal of "under God" from the Pledge?
    • More importantly, how is the DNC leadership so inept and so bankrupt of religious knowledge that they would choose somebody like Peterson? Surely if the Catholic League knew Peterson supported the removal of "under God" from the pledge, then the DNC did as well.

    The answer to the first question is anybody's guess. The answer to the second question, however, is more clear. USANow believes, after reading this, that her obsession with diversity is what made her appealing to the DNC. The Democratic National Convention knew exactly what they were getting with Brenda Bartella Peterson - a forward thinking "progressive", an ultra-tolerant political activist pursuing the neoliberal agenda under the guise of religion. Somebody noncommital on abortion, and perhaps so obsessed with diversity that she supported removing "under God" to avoid offending the polytheistic and athiest wings of the radical left.

    This news won't gain much traction in the media outlets, which is a shame. For this story offers yet another window into the DNC, an organization which places human diversity over divine truths.

    PS - Kudos to the Catholic League for uncovering the story, and kudos to the Baptist Press News for distributing the story.

    Thursday, August 05, 2004

    The John Kerry Resistance

    Interesting that John Kerry political machine is emphasizing that the rest of the world has lost their respect for the US. Presumably, this has happened because under George Bush's leadership we went into Iraq. While Al-Qaeda is leading the "resistance" on the ground in Iraq, John Kerry is leading the resistance here in the United States.

    USANow has raised this issue before, but it seems that if Iraqis are pleased and thankful for liberation, that the rest of the world (and John Kerry) would get a clue. After all, who is better poised to evaluate US foreign policy in Iraq, Jacques Chirac, or Iraqi citizens?

    Here is a great quote from an Iraqi citizen posted on a BBC Arabic forum, in response to recent suicide bombings:

    “Is this the resistance that resists the occupation? What resistance? And what occupation?
    The American soldier is trying to protect me from the terrorists and the American president saved me from Saddam’s regime. If this is an occupation then I show my deepest respect to it and if such suicide attacks are called resistance then let the resistance go to hell”
    Hoshyar Zakhoi-Duhok/Iraq.

    Perhaps Mr. Zakhoi-Duhok would express the same sentiments to John Kerry's political resistance.

    Two More Islamic Militants Caught....On US Soil

    Perhaps you have already seen this story, as it's the lead story on CNN's website.

    One would assume that events like these would wake up the liberal east coast, and help them understand that we are at war and we must take the offensive. Radical Islam is intent on murdering as many American men, women, and children as possible. The US will be buried in the ashes of history, inshallah.

    Is this the time to pander to the Europeans? Is this the time to defer to the UN? Is this the time to listen to the cries of the ACLU, who screams bloody murder whenever an American is inconvenienced in this war on terror? Is this the time to elect a new administration, one which is intent on making a worldwide "We're Sorry for being Americans" tour during their first 100 days in office?

    If the idea of Islamic clerics in Albany New York assisting in the acquisition of shoulder fired missiles doesn't wake up the slumbering left, I can only imagine what will.

    Wednesday, August 04, 2004

    Road to the White House Again Runs Through Florida

    There are a handful of states that can be considered true "battleground" states in the 2004 presidential election. These include Iowa, Missouri, Nevada, Ohio, and West Virginia. In the latest Zogby poll, Kerry leads in Iowa and West Virginia, and Bush leads in the others.

    However, it is clear that Florida will again play the biggest role in determining who will win this election. With 27 electoral votes, Florida carries only 1 less vote than Iowa, Missouri, Nevada, and West Virginia combined.

    Take a look at this map for an interactive view of this race. USANow's analysis boils down to this:

    • Bush must win both Florida and Ohio to win this race.
    • In addition to these two states, Bush must win either Nevada or West Virginia.
    In the latest Zogby poll, Bush leads in Ohio and Nevada. However, Kerry came out on top in Florida with a 2.8% spread over Bush.

    Between now and the Republican National Convention, the Bush team better work overtime crafting a message that energizes Florida Republicans. Just like 2000, every Floridian vote is crucial.

    Monday, August 02, 2004

    Lies and Distortions Part III

    Perhaps this has been widely circulated, but I just came across a website created by Kerry's fellow swift boat veterans.

    Recall that John Kerry did his best chameleon routine at the recent convention, trying to paint himself as a strong-on-defense commander in chief. He tried to paint himself as a war-hero. He spent a great deal of time describing his "Band of Brothers", a group of former swift boat vets who maintain close ties to this day. Take a look at this site for a more accurate picture.

    Although the swiftboat picture is indeed worth a thousand words, it is also worth noting that the entire chain of command above John Kerry opposes his election bid.