Wednesday, August 11, 2004

ACLU At It Again

It what should come as no surprise, the ACLU is standing in the way of our nation's attempt to prosecute our war on terror.

The ACLU, which apparently is unaware that Arab Muslims bombed the USS Cole, bombed the World Trade Center in 1994, bombed several US embassies in Africa, destroyed a passenger jet over Lockerbe Scotland, destroyed the World Trade Centers, flew a jetliner into the Pentagon, ... need I continue? Even fans of Sesame Street and Barney could recognize such an obvious trend.

Is this to say all Muslims should be the subject of suspicion? Of course not. But it should go without saying that there is one segment in the US population whose religious and political leaders have declared war on the United States: Arab Muslims. So it stands to reason that our intelligence services should use that bit of knowledge in their efforts to identify potential terrorists. If the Pope declares jihad against the US, and urges Catholics to murder innocent civilians, then I'd have no problem with being investigated simply because I'm Catholic. Not that the day would ever come, but if it did the last thing I would do would be to go crying to the ACLU.

So in our current war on terror, if a few innocent Arab Muslims are inconvenienced as a result of our investigations, big deal. I'd trade the lives of one US citizen for the inconvenience of a handful of others any day of the week.

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