Thursday, August 05, 2004

The John Kerry Resistance

Interesting that John Kerry political machine is emphasizing that the rest of the world has lost their respect for the US. Presumably, this has happened because under George Bush's leadership we went into Iraq. While Al-Qaeda is leading the "resistance" on the ground in Iraq, John Kerry is leading the resistance here in the United States.

USANow has raised this issue before, but it seems that if Iraqis are pleased and thankful for liberation, that the rest of the world (and John Kerry) would get a clue. After all, who is better poised to evaluate US foreign policy in Iraq, Jacques Chirac, or Iraqi citizens?

Here is a great quote from an Iraqi citizen posted on a BBC Arabic forum, in response to recent suicide bombings:

“Is this the resistance that resists the occupation? What resistance? And what occupation?
The American soldier is trying to protect me from the terrorists and the American president saved me from Saddam’s regime. If this is an occupation then I show my deepest respect to it and if such suicide attacks are called resistance then let the resistance go to hell”
Hoshyar Zakhoi-Duhok/Iraq.

Perhaps Mr. Zakhoi-Duhok would express the same sentiments to John Kerry's political resistance.

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