Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Swift Vets Provide More Details

There's been a great deal of controversy surrounding this commercial from Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. In today's Wall Street Journal, an article by Jim Rassman provides details behind Kerry's Bronze Star. Under enemy fire and suffering from wounds inflicted by a mine explosion, Kerry turned his swift boat around and rescued Rassman, who had been blown overboard.

Swift Boat Veterans for Truth offers a different account of the events in this letter to TV station managers. According to these veterans, Kerry was suffering from a self-inflicted grenade wound which had taken place previously. Enemy fire had long ceased when Kerry turned his boat around to rescue Rassman. In addition, other swift boats were already on the scene pulling sailors out of the water when Kerry arrived.

Who to believe? Are these events which took place over 30 years ago relevant today? USANow contends that these events are indeed relevant, as Kerry has made is Viet Nam service a cornerstone of his campaign. In addition, he made a name for himself post-Viet Nam, publicly slandering his fellow soldiers. For these reasons, Kerry's Viet Nam service is not only relevant, his service may provide us the most telling insights into Kerry's character.

As to who is telling the truth, I've assumed Kerry is innocent until proven guilty. But this latest letter from Swift Boat Veterans for Truth goes a long way towards removing any reasonable doubt that Kerry has been dishonest with the American public.

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