Thursday, August 05, 2004

Two More Islamic Militants Caught....On US Soil

Perhaps you have already seen this story, as it's the lead story on CNN's website.

One would assume that events like these would wake up the liberal east coast, and help them understand that we are at war and we must take the offensive. Radical Islam is intent on murdering as many American men, women, and children as possible. The US will be buried in the ashes of history, inshallah.

Is this the time to pander to the Europeans? Is this the time to defer to the UN? Is this the time to listen to the cries of the ACLU, who screams bloody murder whenever an American is inconvenienced in this war on terror? Is this the time to elect a new administration, one which is intent on making a worldwide "We're Sorry for being Americans" tour during their first 100 days in office?

If the idea of Islamic clerics in Albany New York assisting in the acquisition of shoulder fired missiles doesn't wake up the slumbering left, I can only imagine what will.

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