Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Sorry Coach, We've Got Scoreboard

In today's Wall Street Journal, Stefan Fatsis discusses the current state of affairs of the United States' team handball program. Apparently, the game is fast paced, high scoring, and players require a great deal of athleticism and aggression to be successful. In other words, this is a support that might have great appeal in the United States. However, few people have ever seen a team handball match, much less played the sport. In fact, the United States team did not qualify for the Olympics in Athens.

In a recent post-game press conference, Fatsis asked why the United States is not more successful in the game. The French Coach, Claude Onesta, responded "As far as I am concerned, there are a lot of games at which the United States does not excel".

Well excuse me, coach, while I check the Olympic medal scoreboard:
United States - 72 Medals, including 25 gold
France - 25 Medals, including 9 gold

As an aside, this is just one more item on a long list of reasons why I am baffled that John Kerry blames the current administration for deteriorating US/French relations. Who in their right mind could maintain a civil relationship with such a smug and pompous group of people?

Chalk me up as the newest fan of the United States Team Handball program. I'll be sure to pop open a bottle of fine California wine the day the US program defeats the French.

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