Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Write Your Own Bush Conspiracy

By now, we've heard all of the conspiracy theories, urban legends, and biased news coverage of the Bush Administration. The likes of CNN, NPR, Michael Moore, and the ACLU have been burning midnight oil in their attempts to discredit Bush. They are fanning the flames of the 'anybody but Bush' fire that's sweeping across the far left reaches of the political spectrum.

Today, I came across a political board which stated that Michael Moore has made it clear for all of us that George Bush is more concerned with his golf swing than the war on terror. Of course, I'll give the author the benefit of the doubt - I assume this line is just another case of hyperbole gone wild on a political discussion board. But it makes one wonder: How many Americans would believe that statement, and secondly, are there any limits to what the neo-liberal crowd would believe when it comes to the Bush Administration?

Here is USANow's testing of these waters...I wonder how many people would read this site and believe it?

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