Friday, September 10, 2004

Wow! The Tide has Turned!

Few would argue that this has been a bad couple of weeks for John Kerry. The Republican National Convention was a clear success, Democrats are unable to convince the nation that John Kerry is indeed strong on defense, and the economy is picking up steam.

I heard last week that Bush had taken a double digit lead in the polls, but I was skeptical. Then more polls came out showing Bush up anywhere from 5 to 11 points. However, Fox News/Opinion Dynamic's poll, which typically seemed to favor Bush, showed the incumbent with a mere 2% lead. What to believe?

Well, take a look at the latest story from MSNBC, which includes an opinion poll on the election. Over the past several months, this poll seems to consistently show Kerry with a double digit lead, even when other polls were much closer. I had written this up to the fact that perhaps MSNBC online viewers were more heavily Democratic than the rest of the population. However, today MSNBC's poll shows George Bush with an 11% lead, 55% to 44%! This poll includes over 219,000 respondents.

Of course, there could be some shenanigans going on by clever Republicans, but it's more likely that even among MSNBC online readers, George Bush has now surged ahead of Kerry by a wide margin.

Thanks be to God.

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