Wednesday, September 22, 2004

John Kerry in Crisis Mode

The last 4 weeks have been the worst of times for the Kerry campaign. We've seen turnover in his campaign staff, we've seen more commercials about Kerry throwing away United States issued military medals, we've seen strong economic numbers, and we've seen George Bush surge in the polls.

So how does Mr. Kerry respond to such a campaign crisis? Apparently, he cozies up to the comfort his old liberal idealogies in a virtual liberal fetal position, trying to isolate himself from the rest of the political world. Kerry has apparently found security in his liberal causes such as attacking the military, affirmative action, and painting US big business as the enemy.

Speaking yesterday, Kerry labeled "every step" of the US prosecution of the war in Iraq as "arrogant" and "incompetent". I'm sure that will play well in the homes of the families of our nation's service men and women.

Today, we hear that Kerry labeled Bush's Social Security privatization plan as a "ripoff". Citing a University of Chicago that stated that financial institutions would, heaven forbid, profit from the plan, Kerry stated the program caters to "special interests". Since when are US corporations "special interests"?

In the strongest sign of Kerry's march to the far left, he resorted to racial division while speaking to the Congressional Black Caucus. During his speech, Kerry labeled the black community as a "nation within a nation", and he pledged to "end the division between the fortunate America and the forgotten America". I'm not sure what Kerry is alluding to here, because neither the Bush administration nor the Republican Party has "forgotten" about the African American community. Clearly, Kerry is simply trying to fire up the African American vote by inflaming racial tensions.

Apparently when the going gets tough, Kerry goes left.

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