Friday, September 03, 2004

Liberal Comedienne Plays Radical Feminist on MSNBC

How in the world Janeane Garofalo ever landed a spot on MSNBC's political analysis desk during the Republican Convention I'll never know. For a little background, Garofalo is the former Saturday Night Live actress who has now taken up radical feminist causes. She is an out-spoken supporter of abortion rights, and has participated in several feminists marches and demonstrations.

Janeane Garofalo

Her performance last night suggests she should stick to acting. Bemoaning Bush's usage of the "ownership society" term, Garofalo went on a tirade at other Republican slogans. Stated Garofalo: "It's not partial birth abortion. There's no such's 'dilation and extraction'!".

Wow, for somebody so confident in her support of anytime/anywhere abortions, she sure is defensive about this partial birth abortion thing. If something is such an inalienable right, if a 6 month old unborn child really is part of his/her's mother's body, what difference does it make what we call it? And why are radical feminists trying to coin a term that doesn't even include the word 'aboortion'?

As previously covered by USANow, partial birth abortion involves partially delivering the unborn child prior to performing the abortion. Partial birth abortion is a term which is 100% accurately descriptive of this inhumane procedure. How this label is offensive to Garofalo is beyond me...unless of course hearing the truth hurts.

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