Friday, September 24, 2004

John Kerry's Big Claim: He'll Disarm North Korea!

Yesterday, we saw that John Kerry was too busy to go to work and listen to Prime Minister Allawi speak to congress. But he was quick to question the integrity of the Prime Minister. Obviously, the campaign is desperate, and we get better insight into the character of Kerry every day as he feels the pressure of his faltering campaign.

So what is Kerry saying today? He's speaking live right now, and he just said that he will forge an agreement with North Korea which will "end their nuclear weapons program completely and irreversibly". Excuse me? John Kerry is simply going to waltz into Pyongyang and convince dictator Kim Jong-il to end North Korea's nuclear weapons program forever? Is Kerry smoking crack? China, Russia, the United States, and South Korea have been working diplomatic channels for years to disarm North Korea, with little success to date. It's clear that North Korea's nuclear ambitions are strong, and their disarmament demands are unreasonable. Yet Kerry tells us he alone can disarm North Korea with a stroke of a pen.

The Democratic campaign is under intense pressure as the election nears. Yesterday, their candidate proved he is a poor statesman, prone to insult visiting heads of state. Today, he showed the world that he is naive, if not totally clueless, in regards to international diplomacy and nuclear proliferation. Despite the radical machinations within the Democratic National Committee including mixed messages, forged documents, and a staff makeover which put the Clinton team in charge, polls continue to show that Bush is leading this race. Message to Terry McCauliffe: It's the candidate, stupid.

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