Thursday, September 23, 2004

Kerry Now Insulting Foreign Heads of State

Prime Minister Ayad Allawi spoke before congress today and gave his assessment of the situation in Iraq. As we've come to expect, John Kerry did not make the time to attend Allawi's speech. Yet that didn't stop Mr. Kerry from immediately assailing Allawi. Kerry today said, “I think the prime minister is, obviously, contradicting his own statement of a few days ago, where he said the terrorists are pouring into the country. The prime minister and the president are here to put their best face on the story"

Is Kerry justified in accusing Allawi of changing his story? Did Allawi change his message just to paint a rosy picture for congress?

Let's take a closer look at what Allawi said a few days ago on ABC: “Foreign terrorists are still pouring in, and they’re trying to inflict damage on Iraq to undermine Iraq and to undermine the process, democratic process in Iraq, and, indeed, this is their last stand,” Allawi said. “So they are putting a very severe fight on Iraq. We are winning. We will continue to win. We are going to prevail.

Again, John Kerry is too busy to go to work. And again, there seems to be no limits to the depths that Kerry will sink in order to get elected, including distorting the statements of a visiting prime minister.

Quotes taken from MSNBC online story and video clip of Kerry on Fox News.

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