Tuesday, September 28, 2004

CNN Getting Desperate

USANow has documented previous occasions when CNN headlines seem to present a distorted and biased view of the state of US politics. Today is no different.

In the wake of yet more poll results which show President Bush has a firm lead over John Kerry, CNN offers these two headlines:

  • Kerry Using Humor Read this article and you'll learn all about the budding comedian that is John Kerry. In the article's first example of "Kerry Humor", the candidate chastised Bush for saying he'd follow the same plan for Iraq if he had to do it again. Said Kerry, "How can he possibly serious?". Wow, with jokes like that I'm surprised the guy's not writing for Leno!
  • Edwards slams Bush campaign 'lies' "They will absolutely lie about anything", said Edwards. CNN considers this worthy of a headline on the main page of their website.

    Of course, there is no mention of the Bush campaign. There is no mention of their own CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll which shows Bush with a clear lead!. The results of this poll came out today, yet the headline is buried two pages removed from the main page, and the headline states Bush apparently leads Kerry in pre-debate poll. Hmmmm, the poll shows Bush ahead by 52 to 44 percent, yet the Democrats at CNN say Bush "apparently" leads. Had the results been reversed, rest assured the results would have been on the main page with the title "Kerry clearly leads Bush". Also buried in that story is the fact that the president's approval rating is the highest since January of this year.

    So there you have it, another day, and more clear examples of CNN doing their best to paint a positive picture for John Kerry.
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