Thursday, September 09, 2004

HaloScan Comments Down

My comment provider, HaloScan, has been having technical difficulties lately. Performance has been horrible, and tonight they are not rendering on my blog. I've recently received several comments challenging my point of view. I sincerely welcome any and all comments, so I want to make it clear that I haven't disabled comments just to avoid taking any heat.

On another note....are those documents about Bush's National Guard service that were surfaced by CBS forgeries? Apparently the document has superscripts on military unit numbers. My IBM Selectric didn't have superscripting in 1982, so it would be a surprise if military typewriters in 1972 supported superscripting. The companion document does not show any superscripts, but there is a space between unit numbers and the 'th'. For those of you familiar with Microsoft word, the user must put a space before the 'th' in order to avoid a superscript. Perhaps the 2nd forger was a little smarter than the first, and tried to avoid the telltale superscript. This story is still developing, and at this point I'll assume the documents are legitimate, but between the superscripting issue and the purported proportional font used on the documents, they appear circa 2004 as opposed to 1972.

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