Friday, May 14, 2004

So Much Material, So Little Time

If only there were enough time to document all of the asinine endeavors of the far left. It seems that every day brings another story of a liberal fighting to limit the rights of practicing Christians, of a liberal distorting the truth to undermine our nation's credibility, of a liberal fighting the government's attempts to neutralize terrorists.

This week brings the story of Sadiki Kambon (is that really a name?) and Chuck Turner out of Boston. These two 'activists' actually went public with photos of Iraqi prisoner abuse...actually showing graphic pictures of a woman being gang raped. Eager to jump on the bandwagon and discredit our nation's military, the Boston Globe published the story complete with photographs.

As we all know by now, the photos were taken from a porn web site and were not taken in Iraq. Let's look a little deeper into the story, specifically at ol' Sadiki and his motivation.

Sadiki is always looking for the big story. He's all about attention, all about white oppression of blacks, all about discredit conservatives. If he unfairly slanders our US military in the process, who cares? Sadiki spares nothing in his efforts to be the big story.

Recently, Democratic National Convention organizers announced major construction contracts in Boston. Of course, we all know that contracts are given out to whites first, right? Black companies will never get any contracts, because everyone who is white is racist, right? So rather than let capitalism (which has made our country the most prosperous on earth) work its course, the Sadiki's of the world have to jump in to make sure black companies get their fair share. How far will Sadiki go? So far that he threatened the DNC with a major protest for denying minorities contracts. He then submitted an unsolicitedproposal to act as the minority liaison for the DNC. He proposed that the DNC pay his group, 'The Umoja Coalition for Our Fair Share', $181,000 to act as liaison. Why the DNC needs a separate group to act as liaison to minorities is anybody's guess. But here is where it gets ugly. Sadiki went on to promise to cancel his big protest press conference if the DNC would meet with him regarding the liaison role. In other words "pay me $181,000, or I'll organize a big protest of minorities to hoot and holler about how you're racist". Well, the DNC declined and shortly thereafter Sadiki exclaimed at a press conference "We're talking about the R-word, racism". What a freaking MORON. He puts in an unsolicited proposal to provide unnecessary services, threatens a press conference if he doesn't get to sell his idea, then cries "racism" when the DNC doesn't bite. Does this guy have a freaking clue?

Sadiki, shut up with the "Umoja Coalition for Our Fair Share" and get a real job. Do something to help your fellow man. Not just your fellow black man, but all fellow man. This isn't a zero sum game, and the world isn't setup with the deck stacked against African Americans. In fact, your children have far greater opportunities for scholarships and college enrollment than my kids do because yours are black and mine are white. You have far greater opportunities for government contracts than I do because you are black and I am white. When the time comes that I want to pursue business with the DNC, I won't attempt to extort it like you did, I'll earn it.

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