Monday, May 17, 2004

Another Kerry Flip Flop

John Kerry is quickly becoming famous for waffling on important issues and for changing his opinion back and forth to suit his political aspirations. Today was no exception.

Today is the 50th anniversary of the Supreme Court's decision in the Brown vs. Board of Education case, which ended segregation in our public shools. This case represents a major victory in our nation's civil rights cause. As a result, all American children have equal access to education.

Of course, many politicians are using today to wax poetic about their political agenda, hoping to gain favor in the black community. (What these politicians fail to realize is that the case represented a victory for all Americans, not just minorities.) So what does John Kerry have to say? He insults Americans who want to "roll back affirmative action and restrict equal rights". In other words, if you aren't pro affirmative action, then you must not favor equal rights.

Does anybody else see the hypocrisy here? Affirmative action is designed to deny equal rights for all. Affirmative action is designed to give preferential treatment to minorities. Affirmative action is designed to remove incentives to achieve, and to replace them with handouts based solely on skin color. So he touts affirmative action, and in the same sentence insults his opponents for trying to limit equal rights for all. Is he so clueless that he doesn't understand that he's the one who's guilty of denying equal rights for all?

Watching Kerry flip flop from one congressional vote to another is amusing, and can be good sport. But watching him tarnish the anniversary of Brown vs. Board of Education by accusing his political opponents of crimes that he commits, is a disgrace.

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