Friday, May 14, 2004

Chuck Turner, Blacktivist: Sadiki's Stooge

As a follow up to the recent post on Sadiki Kambon, USANow can't overlook the culpability of his right hand man, Chuck Turner, City Councilman from Boston. Turner joined Kambon as the other half of Dumb and Dumber when the bogus pictures of GIs raping Iraqi prisoners were presented at a Boston press conference. Should we be surprised that a City Councilman exercised such poor judgement? Should we expect a City Councilman to do a little research before accepting propaganda collateral from the Nation of Islam? Having spent their lifetimes playing the roles of victims, Kambon and Turner apparently jumped on the chance to portray Iraqi prisoners as victims.

When Sadiki exposed himself recently as a race-baiting hack (see previous post), Turner was with him onstage at the press conference. Turner, who has a long history fighting for black rights (he says "minority", but he's never once lost a drop of sweat fighting for the rights of Chinese, Viet Namese, etc.), was critical of the DNC because their selection for head of security didn't meet his standards (in other words, she isn't black). The candidates? A white female who is a former police officer, and a black former police chief. The DNC chose the white woman. Was the woman chosen because she is more qualified? Was the woman chosen because the black candidate, William Celester, served jail time for embezzling $30,000 while serving as Newark Police Chief? The answer would be 'Yes' on both counts. Of course, Turner doesn't see it that way - as is always the case when a white person is awarded a contract, she won purely because she is white.

The question in my mind is how can people like Chuck Turner and Sadiki Kambon become leaders in the black community when their judgement is so poor, their actions so irresponsible, their views are so one-sided? Why can't these men simply play the role of civic leaders as opposed to single issue blacktivists? It is my hope that the black community will very soon be led by fair-minded, intelligent men and women who understand that the US economy is not socialist, who understand that blacks are not always victims, who understand that success is earned and not handed out based on skin color.

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