Monday, May 24, 2004

Liberal Boneheads of the Day: E.L Doctorow and Cynthia Bogard

As reported by, E.L (Extremely Liberal?) Doctorow was nearly booed off the stage at Hofstra University as he delivered an anti-Bush diatribe. Rather than provide a motivating speech that would serve to inspire new grads, Doctorow chose to slam Bush over foreign policy decisions, accusing the president of being a "story teller". More importantly, Doctorow stated that Bush's stories are not true.

In response, a large number of students booed Doctorow, to the point he had to stop the nonsense because the crowd was so loud. After Hofstra's president intervened and asked for calm, Doctorow continued his tirade. Why would Doctorow use a commencement address to promote his political views? Does he think that Hofstra graduates are unable to draw their own conclusions?

As one might expect, students and parents were "livid". One parent stated that the address "ruined my daughter's graduation". Another compared him to Michael Moore. This is where Ms. Cynthia Bogard comes in. The esteemed Associate Professor Bogard teaches Sociology at Hofstra, and has been published twice on the subject of homeless mothers. After witnessing the graduation, and hearing about parents' comments, Bogard commented: "I thought this was a totally appropriate place to talk about politics because that's the world our students are entering. I only wish their parents had provided them a better role model."

Bogard has the nerve to insult the parents of Hofstra graduates? Doctorow can speak his mind, but parents can not? Does she understand how hypocritical she is? Does she really think she is qualified to insult the parenting skills of the mothers and fathers who raised all the students who booed Doctorow? Doctorow spoiled a great life event for these graduates, and is praised by Bogard.....but parents express their dismay at Doctorow's speech and they are the ones chastised by Bogard! Does she understand that the commencement address is for the benefit of graduates and parents, and not for the benefit of promoting the liberal agenda? Does she understand that parents pay her salary?

Just another in a long line of liberals who think that there are no limits when it comes to promoting the liberal agenda, and that anyone who expresses a different view point is either an extremist, intolerant, or in this case, poor parents who failed in their efforts to be role models for their children.

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