Friday, May 07, 2004

PS to the USANow Post on Iraqi Prisoner Abuse

In a CNN poll today, 33% of respondents stated that the Iraq prison scandal will affect their vote in November. Of course if this represented 2 of 6 respondents I wouldn't be concerned. But over 46,000 dimwits actually will base their presidential vote on the bahavior of prison guards in Iraq.

I can only conclude that these 46,000 people are people who will now vote for John Kerry - after all why would this issue influence people to vote for Bush? With that in mind, it's scary to think that 46,000 people will switch their allegience to Kerry due to the behavior of soldiers about 10,000 levels below George Bush in the chain of command. Are these people even aware of the dozens of other issues facing this nation that, not only collectively, but individually dwarf the Iraq prison scandal? Does the economy mean anything to these people? How about health care, defense, education, domestic security, rights of the unborn, social security, etc.?

I'm very proud of my country, but it's somewhat discouraging to contemplate the reality that so many of our fellow citizens have the thinking skills of a squirrel and the leadership skills of a lemming. Freaking grow a spine, people, and quit jumping off the cliff after every liberal who rants and raves about the latest 'scandal' in this administration.