Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Lies and Distortions Part II

Just a few of the many lies put forth this evening at the DNC:

  • Al Sharpton claimed that if Bush had been the president in 1954 and appointed the Supreme Court, that Brown vs. Board of Education would not have passed the court. Given the fact that Bush has appointed the first African American Secretary of State and the first African American National Security Advisor, it's clear that Sharpton was just spewing race-baiting lies.

  • Al Sharpton stated that this administration wants to roll back civil rights. His evidence is that Bush doesn't support affirmative action. Gee Al, just because Bush doesn't believe you should get a job before me just because you're black that means he wants to roll back civil rights?

  • John Edwards said that minorities don't have the same opportunities that others do. Well, if he means that minorities have more opportunities, than he is correct. If he means they have less, then he is just spewing race-baiting lies.

  • John Edwards claimed he's a self made man, and that America is still a place where a person can make it on their own. Then he went on to say that there are too many people in this country who can't help themselves, and there are 44 million who don't have health insurance. So which is it, land of opportunity or land where only rich Republicans can make it? Clearly the experiences of Edwards and Barack Obama (who also worked his way to the top) illustrate that Edwards comments are lies.

  • John Edwards claimed that there are two Americas. If he means rich and poor, well it's always been that way. If he means black and white, it's always been that way. If he means educated and uneducated, then it's always been that way. If he means Catholic and Protestant, it's always been that way. If he means men and women, well you get the idea. Exactly what the heck was he talking about in regards to "two Americas"?

  • Some pinhead politician from Maine on CNN was talking about the reasons only 50% of the nation votes in a presidential election. This moron stated that "the barriers are too high for some". This would imply that poor or minorities are somehow excluded, but when pressed he said "you've got timing windows and locations to worry about". So he's admitting that Democrats are too stupid to tell time, and they're so inept that they can't find their way to the polling locations?

It should be clear to even the most casual observer that the Democratic party is living 40 years in the past. The Democratic party is race-baiting to win this election. The Democratic party is run by a bunch of rich white men exploiting minorities, the poor, and the ignorant to win the presidency.

What minorities, the poor, and the ignorant need to hear is that America is the land of opportunity. They need to be told to stay in school. They need to be told to do whatever it takes to work your way through college. They need to be told that with hard work they can be a success in life. Instead, the Democrats tell them that the only thing standing between them and success are the Republicans. What a shame.

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