Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Dick Gephardt: More Lies and Distortions

Gephardt was interviewed on Fox tonight after the convention. Here are but a couple of the lies and distortions this man presented as truth.

Gephardt stated that Bush has acted unilaterally, and prefers to go it alone. Never mind the fact that the administration bent over backwards to get the French and Germans involved in Iraq. But the kicker is when Greta Van Sustern reminded Gephardt that we did have help from allies, notably Great Britain, Gephardt said "It's the French and Germans, the Chinese and the Japanese that are most important".

Let's see, the United States and China have rarely, if ever, been allied on anything. Japan does not even have an active military and is constitutionally bound to stay out of foreign conflicts. And since when are France and Germany more important to US interests than Great Britain?

Gephardt went on to claim that "the economy is in the ditch". Excuse me? There have been over 1 million new jobs created this year. Our projected GDP growth for this year is projected at 4.6%, which is considered very high by most any measure. To top it off, just today consumer confidence came in at a 2 year high. And Gephardt has the nerve to state on national TV that the economy is in the ditch, all in the name of partisan politics?

Say Dick, how about trying a novel approach to getting your man elected....just speak the plain truth. Or does the truth hurt?

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