Friday, July 16, 2004


John Kerry has again changed course, offering an invitation to Hillary Clinton to speak at the Democratic National Convention. The slight of Senator Clinton was a source of outrage for many Democrates. On Wednesday, Judith Hope, the former chairwoman of the New York State Democratic Party, said the slight of Clinton was a “total outrage” and “very stupid.” “It’s a slap in the face, not personally for Hillary Clinton, but for every woman in the Democratic Party and every woman in America,” she went on to say.

Interesting that no woman I've come across has felt this "slap in the face". But Kerry, quick to knuckle under pressure from the Clinton political machine, apparently could not stand the backlash from fellow Democrats.

If Kerry bows to pressure from his own party members on issues as small as the DNC speaking agenda, what will he do when the NAACP Chairman of the Board, Julian Bond, starts spewing venomous rhetoric at him, as he has done to George Bush? Bush is intelligent enough not to sink to the level of the likes of Bond, but with Kerry's record it is clear he'll bow down to even the slightest pressure. More importantly, what will Kerry do when the likes of Vladimir Putin, Jacques Chirac, and Kofi Annan blast US policy under the Kerry administration? How soon before we adopt the Euro and begin flying the UN flag over the Capital?

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