Monday, July 26, 2004

Election Wildcard: Teresa Heinz Kerry

USANow has previously reported some of the bizarre causes supported by the Heinz Kerry foundation. Her switch from ardent Republican to Democratic National Convention speaker is also a little bizarre, although one can't fault her for following her husband to the far reaches of the liberal left. But we learn today that Ms. Kerry lost patience with a reporter from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, and told him to "shove it". Clearly Teresa hasn't quite grasped the fact that, as potential first-lady, she is part of the Kerry-Edwards ticket.

Think back, has any other first lady in recent history displayed this type of behavior in public? Well, besides Hillary Rodham Clinton, that is. Of course not. First ladies are the closest thing this nation has to royalty. Americans expect their first ladies to be bright, caring, honest, and most of all, classy. First ladies are supposed to soften the image of the White House, and help us connect with the human side of the president.

Mark it down: This won't be the last newsworthy incident to be instigated by Heinz Kerry. In fact, USANow is betting that her speech this week does more harm than good to John Kerry's polling numbers. Stay tuned.

PS - for a great tongue in cheek summary of this week's schedule, check this out.

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