Tuesday, July 27, 2004

How to Convert a Democrat

Last night I was asked how best to convey the idea to a Democrat that the Republican party offers more, and that Republican candidates are worthy of their vote. I suppose this request is only slightly less challenging than trying to convince a Catholic to become Protestant (or vice versa). But here goes - this is USANow's 10 Minute Evangelization Script. The intent is to offer a concise, clear, and friendly set of talking points that would help a liberal friend see the error of his/her ways.

We are the party of Equality. We believe that all men and woman were created equal, endowed by their creator with inalienable rights. These rights include equal access to education and employment regardless of race, color, or religion. We don't believe that college admissions programs that provide preference to certain races at the expense of others exemplifies "equality". We don't believe that federal hiring practices that give preference to minority or women owned businesses exemplifies "equality".

We are the party of Choice. We believe individuals should be able to make choices regarding their children's education and about their retirement savings. We also believe that families are free to choose the number of children they would like to raise, we just don't believe that families should be allowed to make the "choice" to murder their unborn children. We believe that the real reproductive choice is made hours before conception.

The Republican party is the party of Freedom. We believe that small and large businesses alike should operate in an environment that protects the public interest, without placing unnecessary regulatory burdens on business owners. We believe that individuals are free to practice their religion of choice. We do not believe that practicing our religion in public, nor professing "one nation under God", infringes on any Americans freedom of religion.

We are the party of Opportunity. We believe that our Melting Pot culture has been an import aspect of our success as a nation. We encourage immigration and the creativity, energy, and original thinking of those people seeking a better life in this great nation. We celebrate our ancestry and our diversity. We also recognize that our success as a nation has created a tremendous immigration demand. We recognize that our public school system is operating at full capacity, and cannot possibly maintain acceptable standards if immigration is not properly managed. We also recognize that our national language is English, and that governing a dual language nation is costly, inefficient, and divisive. It is our expectation, therefore, that immigrants will learn the English language to the extent necessary for educational, legal, and professional purposes.

We are the party of National Security. We recognize that immigration policies must be balanced by national security interests. We would rather inconvenience 10,000 people than see 100 people murdered by terrorists. Our opponents are more concerned about the civil liberties of the 10,000. We understand that our system of freedom, democracy, and capitalism is not embraced by the rest of the world. We recognize that our nation would have been destroyed long ago were it not for our men and women in our Armed Forces. In order to ensure our way of life for generations to come, we must support a strong military.

We are the party of Prosperity. We encourage small business development. We have successfully lowered the marginal tax rate from 70% when Reagan took office in 1980 down to 31% when George Bush left office in 1992. It is not a coincidence that the Republican-driven tax policy led to 20 years of US prosperity. Our counterparts promote a European model of social services and healthcare. We do not subscribe to that model of taxation and wealth redistribution.

We are the party of Capitalism. We believe that all 300 million Americans should be free to participate in the free enterprise system. We believe that profits are good, and serve as a mechanism to reward high achievement. The profit motive encourages creativity, efficiency, and productivity. We believe that corporations of all sizes are good for America. Our counterparts work to hamstring large businesses, and proclaim that what is good for big business is bad for the individual. A strong business environment contributes to a strong nation.

And finally, we are the party of Democracy. Our founding fathers had the foresight to implement a governmental system that ensured equal representation, and balanced states rights vs. federal rights. We believe that our system of democracy has been a key pillar upon which our freedom and prosperity has been built. We believe that democracy should be promoted throughout the world, so that the rest of the world can share in our prosperity. We will take up arms, if necessary, to fight the spread of Communism, Fascism, and any other regime which sponsors terrorism. We will take up arms to defend democracy under the banner of the United States of America, not the United Nations.

There you have it - 8 pillars of the Republican platform. See your local party representative for a much more well thought out and effectively written summary.

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