Wednesday, July 14, 2004


"I oppose abortion personally. ... I believe life does begin at conception."
John Kerry

John Kerry believes that human life begins at conception. Yet in 30 of 31 votes since 1995, Kerry voted pro-abortion. These votes include:

  • A vote to federally fund abortions. He thinks the government should fund murder?
  • Voted against requiring parental consent for minors. He believes that grandparents shouldn't be notified when their daughters are about to murder their grandchildren?
  • Voted against the Partial Birth Abortion act 3 times!

The National Right to Life Committee has given Kerry a rating of 0% on his stance related to pro life issues.....yet he believes that life begins at conception?

The only logical explanations for this paradox are:

  • This man is a blatant liar and does not really believe life begins at conception. His statements are intended to play both sides of the fence so as to appeal to Catholics and National Organization of Women (NOW) members.
  • This man is honest and fully understands the implications of abortions because he understands life begins at conception. He understands abortion constitutes the taking of a human life, but supports abortion. Why would a man acknowledge that abortion is the taking of a human life, yet spend his career defending a woman's right to abortion? Clearly Kerry sees the deaths of millions of unborn children as a price worth paying to advance his career.

Take your pick - John Kerry is either a liar, or a man who has thrown away his moral compass in order to advance his political career. In either case, this is a man who has no business in the US Senate, much less the White House.

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