Tuesday, October 05, 2004

More from the Sistah (sic)

Another article from Sistah (sic) Hill.

Not only does this woman preach hatred and segregation, she does so in a rather inept manner. Her thesis is indiscernable admist a quagmire of run on sentences and incoherent thoughts. I would suggest that her message would come across much more clearly if she simply published "White bad, black good".

So how does the Sistah (sic) make a living? Where is there a niche for a woman with such racially divisive views? Apparently the University of North Texas felt she was qualified to lead their Division of Equity and Diversity. Quite ironic that a woman such as Ms. Hill, who consistently writes of the evils of the white man and the perils of diversity in black schools, would have been chosen to lead UNT's diversity department. Fortunately for UNT students, it appears that Sistah (sic) Hill is no longer employed by the university.

Make no mistake, diversity is a good thing for our nation. We all benefit from the collective knowledge gained through association with people from many cultures, relitions, and races. How unfortunate it is that purported "civil rights" activists are turning their backs on 50 years of progress, and preaching venemous messages of division and bigotry.

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