Friday, October 15, 2004

Democrats Leaving Dirty Work to Black Leaders

At this point in the presidential campaign, it should be obvious to even the most casual observer that the Democratic party uses race-baiting as a strategic weapon. Simply put, they prey on black fears of racism to garner votes. Although class warfare and the victim game are other Democratic party favorites, creating racial divisions is clearly their weapon of mass destruction.

In yet another example of race baiting, Drudge is reporting that the Democrat party is instructing their members to make up voter intimidation stories where none exists. Specifically, they say "If no signs of intimidation have surfaced, issue a preemptive strike". What is the nature of this "preemptive strike"? They are giving their minority leaders talking points to bring up issues from the past. They are also encouraging minority leaders to express concern about intimidation tactics, even if no such tactics have been observed. Clearly, Democrats expect blacks to vote in larger numbers through the mere mention of the word "disenfranchisement". So tell me: Who ends up looking like the idiot when a minority leader makes unsubstantiated claims - the scumbag Democrat who came up with the talking point, or the minority leader? Clearly, the minority leader.

This is quite pathetic. The Democratic party has sunk to such lows that they are willing to feed the flames of racial division just to get their man elected. They are putting up minority leaders as sacrificial lambs, left to cry wolf again and again. I can't wait for the day when the black community wakes up to the reality that the Democrats are making them play the stooge on the national political scene just to get a few votes. The Democrats know politicians like Sharpton, Jackson, Sadiki Kambon, Jew Don Boney, etc., will never get elected to national positions because they've burned so many bridges with voters who see through their race baiting tactics. But the Democrats don't care about their black activist henchman, for they are disposable. They are simply pawns used to stir up racial tensions and to demonize Republicans. Quite ironic that those same politicians refer to Colin Powell as "Uncle Tom".

Here is the snippet of the instructions from the Democratic Party.

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