Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Democrats Harassing GOP Offices

Yesterday, 100 Democrats barged into the GOP headquarters in Orlando Florida and vandalized offices. Several of the "protestors" now face assault charges. More details here. In March of last year, the GOP headquarters building in Madison, Wisconsin was hit with bricks and paint bombs.

Today on the Drudge Report we see a snapshot of Democrats protesting inside GOP headquarters in Milwaukee.

Democrat Protestors Inside GOP Headquarters

Several questions come to mind:

1) Who would be so stupid as to plan such an event?

2) These people were hollering in bull horns and standing on tables in other people's offices. Who would be so brazen and uncivil as to participate in such an event?

3) What did these dimwits expect to gain out of this event?

4) Most importantly, what will happen when American voters come to realize that Democrats seek political gain through intimidation and harassment?

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