Monday, October 04, 2004

A Lesson in Diversity

While waiting for the Metro bus a couple weeks ago, I picked up a copy of African American News & Issues. This paper is distributed at no charge to a couple dozen cities across Texas. I expected columnists would make the case that major universities are not diversifying rapidly enough. I expected that the columnists would make the case that diversity is an essential component of a world class education. I expected to hear a message of peace, unity, and equal opportunity. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

According to Sistah (sic) Dr.Safisha Nzingha Hill, white members of state agencies have the unspoken mission of shutting down black universities. She suggests that white men and women in Austin are just waiting for any slip up on the part of administrators to shut historically black schools down. At that point in the article, it becomes clear that Sistah (sic) Hill is quite paranoid, not to mention racially adversarial.

As I read further, I was shocked as the Sistah (sic) stepped up the racially divisive rhetoric. She states in her article that white folk have yet another plan to bring down black colleges.....through diversity! Yes, that's right. The civil rights activist, Sistah (sic) Dr. Safisha Nzingha Hill is proclaiming that too many whites will be admitted to black universities, at which point those universities will be nothing more than a memory. Unbelievable? Read the article yourself where she makes her case that diversity (in black schools) is the weapon that the white man will use to bring down black universities. Apparently the Sistah (sic) Doctor is so intolerant of whites that she views diversity as tantamount to extinction.

What's really sad is that the African American News & Issues is supposedly distributed to 2 million people in the state of Texas. Perhaps USANow should not be surprised at the rhetoric being published. After all, this publication boasts that it is "100% black owned and managed". So at least the Newspaper is consistent in their message that diversity is a one way street, and whites are not welcome where blacks are the majority.

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