Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Queen of the Hypocrites - Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi is busy trying to frame US foreign policy in Syria this week. Working against the wishes of the Whitehouse, Pelosi is looking to make friends with Syrian president Bashar Assad. I guess Nancy's forgotton that Assad's government killed former Lebanese president Rafik Hariri, that Assad's government supports Hamas, that Assad's government supports Hezbullah, and that Assad's government is turning a blind eye towards (if not actively supporting) the support of the Iraqi insurgency.

So what's the first thing Nancy does as she tries to befriend state sponsors of terror? Put on a hijab, of course.

Nancy Pelosi in Syria

How tolerant! How politically correct! Here's a woman who ignores one of the most sacred aspects of her Roman Catholic religion by supporting abortion, yet the first thing she does when she lands in a Muslim nation is strap on a hijab. She spits on the most important teachings of Catholicism, yet blindly adheres to the most insignificant aspects of Islam. Does the fool realize that a large majority of the women in the world who wear such head garb aren't even allowed to vote?

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