Thursday, March 29, 2007

"Diversity" Career Fair

I just received an email from Marketwatch about a career fair sponsored by The Wall Street Journal. The event is titled "Executive Diversity Career Fair", and it's purported to provide "a unique setting for job seekers from diverse backgrounds to meet with top companies seeking senior level talent.".

This is the second such invitation I've received for Wall Street Journal "diversity" career fairs, so they must be quite popular. As a white male, I suspect I'm not welcome at these events. But just to confirm, I went to the Wall Street Journal "diversity" page in their CareerJournal site. This is what is listed under "Candidates Wanted":

Executive, managerial and professional minority candidates and women, including recent graduates of M.B.A. programs; however all candidates are welcome.

Wow - LMAO. So minority and women are wanted, but I'm "welcome"? Welcome to do what? Stand by and watch the employers ignore me because of the color of my skin? To further drive home how absurd this event is, consider the fact that the event is open to approximately 70% of the nation's workforce (all women and minority males). So this isn't really a "diversity" career fair, it's simply an "anybody but white males" career fair.

Oh well, I guess I'll just have to wait until I get my invitation to the Wall Street Journal's "Executive White Guy Career Fair". Not holding my breath on that, however.

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