Thursday, July 07, 2005

Which Islamic Group Did It?

This morning, 30+ civilians in London were murdered on their way to work, the result of four separate bombings. Who could have done such a thing? In a big surprise, it turns out that some Islamic Jihadist Murderous Lunatic group is claiming responsibility.

In future terrorist attacks of innocent civilians, the question will not be "Who did this?". The question will be, "Which lunatic Islamic group did this?".

If blood thirsty Muslims continue their jihad against civilization, it would seem the G8 leaders should clamp down hard. Our enemy has no borders, no national flag, but they have a common religion. We certainly cannot conduct a witch hunt for every Muslim in the free world, but we can restrict their ability to gather, and we can stop all immigration of Muslims into the civilized world. Here are some suggestions:

  • Seize all property of every Islamic mosque and "charity"
  • Freeze all financial assets of every Islamic entity
  • Remove the tax exemption status of all Islamic organizations
  • Deny visas to all Muslims. This might be difficult in practice, but perhaps some sort of personal testimony denying the authenticity of Islam could be required. The question then becomes whether or not would-be murderers would deny their faith to get the chance to kill civilians.

Once these measures were taken, one would hope that the long-overdue call for peaceful Muslims to rise up against their terrorist brethren would be heard. The Islamic war vs. civilization will never end until jihadists are scorned, arrested, or perhaps even killed by fellow Muslims.

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